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I like Mizukami Satoshi, especially because after Spirit Circle I just envision that each of his works are reincarnations of main characters from his other series.

What's your favorite manga of his?
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>I like Mizukami Satoshi
No you don't.

Ah, Satoshi Mizukami, I mean.
Never thought of that, I like your thinking OP. My fav is Hoshi no Samidare, but his anthology is really good too, specially the train girl story.

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Explain this bullshit.


>So what do we have here? Four out of five of the top shows watched by girls are about giant robots, while four out of five of the top shows watched by boys are about little girls! Welcome to the new world order, otaku-style...
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So it's really true? Chicks do dig giant robots!
Women have good taste and otaku shut in males do not. Easy to explain.

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So why did they fall in love.
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i have no idea
Love isn't a math problem man
They began to learn and ""interact"" with each other and always thinking about each other (as in what would they do)

Also they made your life a lot more fun

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Why are anime girls so cute?
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Because these girls understand what a male wants in a women. They are striving for female perfection that the vaginas can't dream about
Because dicks.

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What is thy desire?
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to git gud
freedom from commies
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More space adventure anime.

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Here's a question, why was this animated?

Yes it's a beautiful masterwork of craft and skill, but in what way did the medium help the storytelling? Everything could have been acted out instead and shot live action.

Try to answer something other than just "2D>3D"
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Here's a question, why were you born?
Because it's cheaper and live action production don't like to take gambles in this age.
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Because why the fuck not? 2D animation gives you a lot of freedom to be creative and it worked perfectly with Hyouka. Even Nips recognize Hyouka's greatness.

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Post worst girls. Ill start

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This retard
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Nisekoi best girl list
1. Onodera
2. Tsugumi
4.every other female character.
5. Chitoge

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What the hell is wrong with the japanese male?
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What's wrong with you still getting frustrated over these jokes?

Fuck these shit translations
How would you translate "senpai" in that sentence?

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ITT overrated shit
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You posted the wrong image
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What the fuck was this girl's problem?
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She panders to a mental disorder of waifuism
Same problem as with all women, not getting enough dick.

Too much love

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Let's get a list going of any and all anime we can think of with Fantasy, Medieval, RPG, JRPG, DnD, and game themes. I don't care if they are shit-tier or god-tier classics everyone should already know about, feel free to mention them anyway if they aren't listed already. I'll start with some examples of the type of stuff I'm looking for:

>Tower of Druaga
Inspired by game, fantasy

>.hack// series
Based on fictional fantasy MMORPG

>Sword Art Online
Based on fictional fantasy MMORPG

MC is thrown into fantasy RPG-like world

Based on fictional fantasy MMORPG

>Log Horizon
Based on fictional fantasy MMORPG

MC is thrown into fantasy RPG-like world

Based in a fantasy RPG-like world

>No Game No Life
MC thrown into fantasy world where all conflicts are resolved by games

Not game-themed at all but too god-tier not to mention.
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Despite what /a/ would like you to believe, that's about all there is.
>hasn't heard of Lodoss
>hasn't heard of Slayers
Literally kill yourself, newshit.

A Touhou anime.

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I want to sexually fuck Cirno.
Also dem trips.
Touhou is already an anime.

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ITT: Seasonal shows you want to see flop
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I enjoy seeing any anime sell well
There's more and more gradients in hair color nowadays.
Too bad you won't

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>introduced as a powerful and dangerous rival by the OP
>he's actually a nice guy and no match for the MC
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It's called a deconstruction in the biz
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>Dangerous rival

Its Onii-sama I aint gotta explain shit.
>nice guy
>almost accidentally kills onii-sama (since he didn't know onii-sama was jesus)

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