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How come yuri fanservice just registers as NTR for me? I don't get it. It's someone else being intimate with the girl, going further than the limp dick MC could ever hope, and giving her orgasms she'll remember for the rest of her life. Why are people cool with it? Am I missing a part of my brain?
I actually really like that one manga about actual yuri NTR (Netsuzou Trap) because it portrays moments that would be innocuous yuri fanservice in any other manga, as the NTR it actually is.
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Posted the wrong example for the op (although there's still some in that pic)
You have a terrible disease where you seem to actually identify with the average dufus lead
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Don't believe the Yuri lies.

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Why did Casca tell Guts not to look as Griffith pounded her instead of simply asking Griffith to stop?
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Presumably, she would rather the rape end.
Why did you ask this stupid question instead of killing yourself, OP?
Imo actually a good question.
The eclipse is still my favorite part of Berserk.

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Just what the fuck is their problem?
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( . ) ( . )
they hired raita?
Dude, have you ever read the animation? If you're going to give them shit for anything, it should be the low framerates in many scenes, the stretched out intros and that one motherfucker who operates the sound board.

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The world's ready for a bulletproof lesbot.
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but we've already had a bulletproof lesbot
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Dork of the century

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My best friend and I are having a debate. It's gotten to the point that I have few options to turn to.. the ova capture the true SPIRIT of the series. The anime is the panel for panel translation but something is fundamentally lost. The SPIRIT! What do you all think!?
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Kill yourself.
I'm not sure if Jojofags are ironic weebs or outright normalfags
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baiting aside the ova misses the spirit of the series by a mile, jojo is anything but a serious series and the ova tried to make it seem as such

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Because he had human emotions.
Would you kill your boyfriend? Wait... this isn't Naruto!?
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Better question, did the writers not understand Chess?

Is Casca a nigger?
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Real life equivalent would be Persian or Indian.
Yes. She belongs to me.

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“Those who robbed me of my past…”

What did he mean by this?
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>the state of Arc-V's last 10 episodes
What was happening in the writer's room
he was bullied and raped by niggers

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I wanna go on adventures with Jack.
this is actually the last thing i saw before i posted this
I wanna chill and drink some beers with the bathhouse owner

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Sorry, I can't think of anal with akko.
I want to teach sex education to Akko.
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do (not) sex the akko

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mary and the witch's flower.png
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Where were you when Studio Ponoc saved anime?
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>We want the Ghibli audience

And I don't blame them; those films make mad money.
except the whole reason ghibli is not making any more films is because the wind rises and when marnie was there flopped
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How can you say you love her if she doesn't even know how to shoot a gun?
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She is a gun.
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It's personally in my top five. I loved everything about it. Even the animation, even though it took a while to grow on me.
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I don't recognize it.
Tell me why you rate it so highly.
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It's shit.
Penis worm though

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Are you ready /a/?
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Fuck off anon I didn't ask for this nostalgia trip.
>kyoani will never make something as good as this again
Season 3 when
>>kyoani will never make something as good as this again
What is Phantom World?

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Taichi Hikari Digimon.jpg
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>Its been almost 3 weeks and /a/ still hasnt accepted the truth.

Why cant you accept true sibling love?
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Everyone knew from the start.
This is nothing new.
The ending doesn't deny it btw
purest of love
What happened?

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