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>americans too lazy to sub
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now this is a megumin thread
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Which anime character has the biggest dick?
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basara is hung.jpg
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The one you posted and pic related
Oozaru vegeta

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How flat is too flat?
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how flat is what now?
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best joukamachi coming through
No such thing. The flatter the better.

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what the fuck did she mean by this?
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Just a horny slut having her way with an innocent boy.
What she meant was roughly
>"Please, for the love of God, show some love towards me, ANYONE, show any real emotion. Im willing to give the first step, just continue from here, hold me, give me a hug."
And of course shinji did nothing because he cant into relationships.

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>watch the new pokeyman season
>is actually fun again
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That's what everyone said about it last time.
Pretty sure those were normies thinking pokemok becoming SAO was a good thing, now SoLfags are all over the new season.
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I just finished this piece of gold right here. What a great fucking series this was. It had fantastic pacing, complex characters, amazing world-building, and a really gripping plot. I know it's quite old, but it's such a shame this anime doesn't get more attention.

Anyway. I need something to watch now, so why don't we make this a thread for the best, most underrated series?
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The OP and ED are also great


Zipang is also another one of those highly underrated early-200 anime. It's about a bunch of jap seamen who inexplicably get sent back to WWII while on a highly advanced modern warship during routine training drills.
Planetes is overrated as fuck.

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Is it ok to sexualise anyone in Yotsuba?
Only Yanda.
Only those who are over 18 and only very romantic and tender sexualization.

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What would you do in this situation?
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Well, I certainly won't put up with her, sniff her farting butthole and even ask her to marry me.
turn 360 degrees and walk away
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>You must've had a hard day at work

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thoughts on the dub?
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I feel terrible for even having an informed opinion on this, but I'd give the dub a 6.5/10. Points lost got excessively dynamic translations and a little too much free-wheeling with word choice. Tohru's tone seems a little too unstable from moment to moment across several episodes, and Kobayashi comes off as a little flat and forced (throat-clenched) rather than just naturally apathetic.
Kanna isn't bad at all.
Saikawa is horrific.
Elma is pretty well executed.
Lucoa takes great liberties but in a way that feels genuine.
Fafnir and Takiya are kind of in Kovayashi territory; Takiya's maid fit in episode 1 is pretty high tier, though.

Dragon style and Tohru's "Yiss" are the only parts that I really remembered. I only watched the dub because I only wanted more fat dragons.
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this desu

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This is a japanese game developer
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I'd play her game if you catch my drift
Do you, by chance, mean to imply that you would perhaps like to partake in sexual acts with her? If so, I won't allow it.
I'd pirate her game, know what I mean.

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Nene is such a good kid.
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Her wife is even better.
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What's in the backpack?
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Her real body
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Her belongings. The stuff she thought she'd need to bring to go live with her mother.
used condoms

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>Make 12 year old character
>Make her say this

I don't think the author know 12 year olds
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Sorry to break it to you anon, but most 12 year olds have already sucked a dick or two.
I think YOU don't know 12 years old girls.

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ITT: Male characters that you could beat on a fist fight
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Are you sure? In a relatively non-bullshit power-level anime, you take the one guy who is literally the embodiment of "Would beat you in a fistfight."
I'd just block his punch, would be an easy victory for me.

this is a useless god
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I can think of a good use for her.
4, actually
Only four?
spill the beans.

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