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you see this shit.jpg
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>fma had a terrible anime that didn't follow the manga
>got a remake that did it justice
>jojo got a non chronological OVA that was pretty ok but didn't satiate fans
>got an amazing revival
>Soul eater got an anime that didn't follow the manga at all

Bones you are sitting on a money pile. Do something.
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>Still no bones adaptation of Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer
Also fma 2003 isn't terrible
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alolan president.png
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it paled in comparison to fmab but you're right. i just want soul eater to be given the justice it deserved. the manga was too good not to be followed. this new jojo resurgence just gave me new hope for a soul eater brotherhood like anime. (soul eater resonance?)
The original FMA anime was better than the remake.

Close adherence to source material does not make an inherently better animated adaption. Anime is first and foremost visual medium, so it should primarily be judged on it's animation, aesthetic, shot composition etc.

The original was better than the remake on all those counts. I personally think the characterization and pacing was better in the original too, but that's my subjective opinion.

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I honestly can't think of an anime girl more feminine than Ako Tamaki.
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You should watch more anime.
Come back after you've watched at least 250 more titles and say that.
You should watch Netoge. Ako is 100% distilled girliness.

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Muh animes 3x3.jpg
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5/6 - Tatami Galaxy
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5/9, ++Luluco
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trois fois trois.png
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Is this literally the best OVA ever made?
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Hands down.

The art, dialogue, acting, characters, story, music, choreography - everything. The fucking music holy shit. It's unmatched.

Only negative point is has is Kenshin's English VA, and that's subjective.
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It's certainly up there.

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Only degenerate sjw nignogs hate CG
its a show for faggots.
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Average yurifag.jpg
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>Only degenerate sjw nignogs hate CG
This. Nina probably triggers them for not being a Mary Sue lesbo.

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>Felix is straight
When did this meme start?
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He is straight, but aren't.
Felix is straight, he likes Crusch but men who lust after him are gay
It's not gay if it looks like a girl.

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I'm late to the party, what did /a/ think of Kuzu no Honkai?

And isn't the soundtrack out yet? I really enjoyed it and I can't find it
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It's trash unless you like watching shitty people, which is in the title I guess.

Moreover people who think this represents real relationships in any way are delusional.
This anime is realistic, /a/ just can't accept it.
I thought the appeal was the contrary, that these are unusual relationships with shitty people.

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Hey /a/ whats your favourite animu ever? Mine is FMA, the original and the B.
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Berserk 2017

I came here to suffer.
Haibane renmei, close after wakako zake

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Is Gintama the best anime comedy?
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hit and miss

shit everywhere with occasional gem but mostly just shit.
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>shit everywhere
that's part of the appeal

Is there anything more pure than the love between a rich Finnish woman and a Japanese prostitute?
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hatesex when?
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chapter out

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There's also a new trailer for the upcoming movie out.

Fingers crossed for demon Lucy.
>Jelal dies
>Same with rave
Is Mashima the biggest hack

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Kill Yourself.jpg
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I'll start.
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we're starting off nicely here

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This show is just absolutely retarded.
How is it possible for her to be locked in her room for an entire year without adults intervening, or authorities being called in?
And I'm assuming her big brother is her legal guardian, how can he let this go on?
It's not healthy to be holed up like that for so long, especially for a younger person.
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You think what anime so reality?
It doesn't have to be 100% realistic, but they could at least make it somewhat believable in-universe.

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I unironically agree
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neck yourselves

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Yusaku a cute
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Moar leaks when
Next Wednesday
XYZ, Synchros, and Pendelum ruined YGO. And so will Links.

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