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Can you really understand Monogatari without being Japanese?
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Not fully. Got to learn that Kanji.
>I watch anime with the audio off
Do you think japs hysterically laugh at the lame puns and wordplays?
No its as fun as saying "Id like to drink coffee" or such.

Why does Japan like to wank the Shinsengumi?
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Why don't you?
>Masterless samurai flock together, dress the fuck up under the flag of sincerity and terrorize the fuck out of the public.
Why does America like to wank the cowboys?
Dying for what you believe in is beautiful my friend

Nisemonogatari: an animal girl comes to the world and meets the protagonist, who lets her live with him. As time passes, they have a brother-sister relationship but the girl wants more than that
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>DragonBall (and the various continuations of it)
blondes vs brunettes
Little Witch Academia
>Harry Potter for weebs
It is a dark, bleak, cyberpunk future, our hero loses some body parts, and some people wear Japanese fox masks for some reason

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Saitama VS Yamcha
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The beta male loses.
who the fuck cares about your weeb trash faggot,

yamcha wins
But if both of them looses, who is become winning?

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>you couldn't protect this smile
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My wife killed that smile.
juzo best boy

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What is the best Makoto Shinkai anime movie that ISN'T ''Your Name' /a/?
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I GUESS the foot fetish story but overall he's an incredibly overrated director (and how!) and most of his stuff is pretty forgettable, honestly.

Haven't seen "Your Name" yet, but setting the bar very very very low for when I do.
Shinkai Hackoto. Expert trash maker since 2006.

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Why is she so perfect?
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A shame the show was kinda mediocre. I still enjoyed it though.
Might need to rewatch it.
>that incest end

Didn't expect that at all.
>Why is she so perfect?
Because you can stick her in your pants and have her pleasure you all day.

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I was browsing previous /a covers and was inspired by the performance. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a serious cover where we put more effort in sounding good? I have experience in music and am willing to time tune and mix vocals and compile everything. Of course no one will be denied participation as long as effort is put in. I was thinking of doing the attack on titan 2nd season opening, Shinzou wo Sasageyo. Any interest? I'll be here for a while to respond and probably open up a discord to communicate once the thread is dead.
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>Attck on Titan
Sage and report, guys.
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anyway, the plan would be a few days to get people, one week to record and another week and a half to compile everything. I choose this song since it's a recent anime and the opening would sound good with a lot of people. Open to suggestions.

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The MC of your favorite anime switches places with the MC of your least favorite show.

What will happen? Can he save it?
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>Ginko in Fate
Not sure what will happen.
>Lelouch in Chaos;Head
I don't fucking know. At least it would be entertaining as all hell.
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>Shinji in Boku no Pico
It'd probably be even gayer than it was before

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ayy lmao
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GIGN best counter-terrorists.
>not knowing how to take screenshots
It's an elaborate baiting technique.
2/10 made me post

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There's a fag in the letters of your keyboard between i and [
I agree with you, OP.
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pretty much

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Today on class /a/...
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has anyone seen Ciel-senpai?
She's always watching.
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4 episodes in and I'm really enjoying it. What do you think of it? Who is best girl?
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The imouto that had like 2 minutes of screen time.
All girls are best girls. Just some girls are bester than others.
mori best girl

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Has your country ever been in an anime? If not physically, how about its' culture?
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If I remember correctly Manco Capac in japanese means something like "Wet Vagina" ;_;
I'm from Colombia, I can only think of Black Lagoon.

Nonoka is so beautiful...
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No one remembers anyone but Noel.
That's only filthy casuals. I'm a true fan who loves every single character. Shione is probably my favorite.
Was she pro or anti saucer?

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