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This is a tortured tomboy. Her dedication to her friend, Akan(ecchi), has made it so she has to suppress her feelings for curly-kun. Please cheer her on, /a/!
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i like this show
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But do you like me, anon-kun?
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Tsuki ga Kirei - 04.jpg
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Best butt incoming
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Cancelled butts incoming
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That's Nozomi.

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Why was Nozomi so upset when her boobs couldn't let her pass through the cars?

Did she want to have a flat chest like Nico?
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Shouldn't breasts be able to reshape to fit through?
They are probably too firm and too big for that.
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This is Ginko, say something nice about him
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He's one handsome motherfucker.
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Is Mushishi good?
I-I really like your face!

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>Chaotic Good
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Are you implying breaking a cup is evil?
Vandalism is not good.
If someone came along and slapped a really expensive cup off a table and it shattered against the wall for seemingly no reason, yes, they would be considered a fucking cunt.

Does /a/ like suited girls?
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Do I? Do I?

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Girls should wear girly, feminine clothing at all times.
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Girls in suits are magical.

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New chapter is out in chinese and things are getting better and better.

Also already banned on Batoto.
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Threesome incoming?
Penetration yet?

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shinji manlet.png
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>Misato is 5'3" (163cm)
>Shinji is literally no more than 4'8"

I actually stopped watching Evangelion because of this. I can't relate to a manlet.
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Bruh he's just 14. What were you expecting some 6'6'' body builder looking Alpha male?
I was 5'10 by the time I was 12.
5'3" is 160cm you piece of shit American OP

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Movie 1 and 3 are very good
Movie 2 is garbage
If you want to understand what's happening instead of just be able to say that you ticked it off from your watchlist go with the series.
It's much more complex than it appears to be and if you've never watched anything directed by Tomino before it's going to fly over your head and then you are going to complain that nothing makes sense.
Neither. Ideon TV is better.

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Tell me about this Shaun the Sheep anime, how does it pull a 2.9 rating in Japan?
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>Curious George

Curious George is pretty good.
Shaun the Sheep scared me as a kid (18), when it would come on I would piss myself.

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Reboot + New Season when?
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Hopefully never.
It's by far triggers worst work.
If the protag and rival was boys instead of girls literally nothing would stand out about it
>It's by far triggers worst work.
This is a bad post and you should feel bad.
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le kizmair face
I would rather see a new story, this is coming from somebody who LOOVEESS ryuko and kill la kill.

if it featured 95% new characters then a reboot or successor would be permitable. the plot has to be completely new tho.

Hiroyuki Sawano thread.
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>Sengoku Basara
>low tier
>Seven Deadly Sins and Aldnoah
>mid tier
>Kill La Kill
>God tier
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>God tier
>Top tier
>everything but TF
>low tier
I'll fucking fight you m8
severily overrating kill la kill and kabaneri's OST.

I honestly think aldnoah's was better than both, also AoT should be god tier.

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shoujo nazaki kun.png
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Why didn't /a/ tell me shoujo anime was so good
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/a/ isn't here to think for you, you have to start trusting yourself and forming your own opinions
You're totally right, I try to do so already but seeing /a/ discuss something heavily definitely pushes me towards watching it instead of leaving it in my backlog for ages.
Well /a/ also heavily discusses shit like ReZero and Eromanga Sensei, try not to listen sometimes.

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What series have good manga but anime so shit it isn't worth watching?
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All of them.
Eyeshield 21

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Why is homosexuality such a common theme in anime?
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Because it's common in REAL LIFE
Anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of ppl are gay or bi
Heterosexuals are a majority but not a particularly large one
Because it's good
The Indian and Chinese can provide children
otaku money is drying up, gotta pander to other degenerates to make bank at th end of the month

make no mistake this isn't no pol conspiracy, west money and values have no weight on japan, its all about money, nothing else

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