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Is this real?
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Of course vampires aren't real you retard.
proof? if vamires aren't real why does Arcueid sound so much like Alucard which is Dracula spelled backwards. stuff like that,, just dont add up ya'know?
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Would you make a loli your waifu? Would you make one your daughteru?
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ichigos are not for sexualizing!
If Nobue can do it, so can I.
but this is not yama no susume

Thoughts on Himouto! Umaru-chan?
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I expected more from the anime that ended China's one-child policy. The best part of the anime is Umaru's relationship with her brother yet it turns into a generic school girl anime not long after. A shame, really.
A mediocre anime that was completely ruined by its fanbase

what did /a/ think about SankaRea?
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I think that I want those toes in my mouth.
manga gave me a serious case of the blue balls. such a cop-out ending
Why did he want to fuck the corpse when he had the far more attractive, still living cousin who wanted nothing more than to hop on his cock?

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Convince me to continue watching this.
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Stop watching this Gary Stu niisama garbage. For the love of god.
Don't watch it. Couldn't get past episode 4.
Why do I need to convince you of anything? Fuck off and kill yourself.

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MEGUMIN IS CUTE!!!! CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!
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maybe because there's already a KonoSuba thread?
Kill yourself, fucking retard.
not denying that megumin isn't cute

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Haruhi or Yuki?
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I'm a Yuki woman.
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Kyon's sister.
A Yuki!

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New chapter, about 20 pages long

The pages leaked aren't the full chapter you fucking mongs
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Posting what got leaked
Give us the rest then fucker
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Show me that you don't have shit taste or else!
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I errr, I watch Jojo.

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After an insane amount of resistance and contrarianism, I finally caved and watched stardust crusaders.

I loved every single second of it and I don't know why.

It's been a week or so since I finished it and I still can't comprehend why I loved it so much.

Someone help
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It's definitely okay to love it.

It's just that I think most people loved Battle Tendency so much that they expected a lot from part 3.
Because you're a retard like the rest of the dumb jojofags. Judging from your post, you'll fit right into their cancerous threads.
It's shit and so are you

*rapes you*

Now get the fuck off my board

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It's time
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>but in reverse
>the hero of the Holy Kingdom is transported to 'our' world and in the body of average about to be homeless otaku neet
>difficulties ensued
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A Mecha anime about a kid who enters the military to provide for his family. He gets stationed at a seemingly peaceful base and has an idle life with his comrades until they are all slaughtered by an attack by an enemy special forces unit.

MC is the lone survivor and tries to leave the military but realises his family has no fall-back plan. He gets transferred to a new unit but an innate fear of warfare follows him. His new base is located in a more strategic location and has frequent raids by the enemy faction, he comes close to death multiple times before he decides to end his life by suicidally charging at an enemy mecha.

...Until he is saved by his own faction's ace pilots. MC is ungrateful at first, but then realises his family would not be able to survive without his earnings and decides to bear it as long he can, even if it causes him to suffer.

The MC and ace pilot become friends and they get enlisted into the special forces where they spearhead an operation that aims to end the war. This is where the MC faces the enemy unit that destroyed his first base and overcomes them. The operation is successful and the war ends.

MC returns to his hometown as a changed man.
Sports bar run by lolis, not lewd ones, but cute and pure ones that call the customers onii-chan.

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What happened to METAL anime/manga?
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Dorohedoro is too patrician for /a/.
And that's why for every new chapter there is like 500 reps thread
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Enough said. Kinda happy this thing is not that popular.

It's mostly just 10 guys discussing the madness that is Dorohedoro.

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It's okay to bully if she likes it.

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What did he mean by this?
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He was shooting at God
fuck off, shows over now get out
He was just having a bit of a laugh to himself before he died

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Is this how a magical girl that is empowered by friendship should look?
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