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>It's a Sakurako episode
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brat a cute
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Brat a best
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year of the brat.jpg
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Is this the Krusty Krab?
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Is shit gonna go down soon?
zaShunina is most likely planning to shock the world into rationality. We'll see how it goes.
Horribly but Id rather not have to wait till episode 8 to see it

This well endowed little girl is 9 (nine) years old.
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Seems legit.
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This well endowed little girl is 2 (two) years old.
That 2 year old is married and has a son who's bigger than her

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>Draw a slut
>Call her pure

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gap moe, it's great
ask your dad

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Monster Musume would've been better off with MON as the core cast.
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Cyclops-chan would've scared off the viewers
Dead Franchise.
What went wrong?
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No, well maybe, but the real problem is having them be attached to the rest of the cast for them to do stuff. If we wanted them to go do more cool stuff like when they were introduced, Crab would have to shoehorn in the MC or the Girls. Otherwise too many people would bitch and moan, again, about how they are taking away from the main cast.
MON does seem like a collection of characters that would do very well in their own spin-off. They are likable and good looking and are in a position to do cool things and meet more interesting types of other MonMusus than the Main Girls. It could even be a flavor of the month thing without becoming too dumb as, hypothetically, MONs encounters can be one time (new character jailed), or multiple reappearances (hostage rescued, becomes friends with/joins MON).
Hell, favorite new characters could even form a B-team as to not get in the way.

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It's time
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For what?

I dont recall seeing this in episode 15
Sasuga /a/

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What the fuck am I watching?
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Okay thanks.
One of the dullest anime series of all time. Just skip straight to the doujins.

I remember someone saying she's not interested at all in the manga, she just wanted to bang the Pharaoh and since he's gone she had no problems leaving to USA to ''study dance''.
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They were never a thing. Can't blame her though, Yugi is a beta faggot.
Yeah, Toei threw the Yugi x Anzu fans a bone in the anime. Yugi's feelings were 100 percent unrequited in the manga.
Well, it all makes sense now. I just watched the movie and was like ''wat'' when nothing happened and she even left at the end.

ITT closeted homosexuals
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He said closeted.
OP is a blatant homosexual.
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When does this series get good?
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Maybe you have shit taste.
If you're not interested by ep 6, drop it.
Ep 6

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>Watch old (pre 2000) anime
>Individual characters, and sometimes the entire screen vibrates/shakes because someone couldn't properly align the cels
>That's of course when they don't forget them completely

I am so fucking glad that digital killed this garbage off. I can't believe people used to put up with this shit.
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igi ari.png
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>go to /a/
>this one stealth frog poster posts something completely retarded
>maybe of course OP forgot his brain cells

I am so fucking glad that I got nice digits. I can't believe OP still puts up with living.
Thanks for the (you).

It's objectively true though that digital > physical.
You're digits ain't shit megumeme poster, check my repeating integers.

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Remember when anime was about more than just fawning over which girls you would fuck?
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Unfortunately yes. We're in a good place now.
Anime was never was anything other than fap material. I was falling to the girls in .hack on toonami since the start.

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I like Honda mio's butt though
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I'm only interested in idols that can actually sing, sorry!

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Is the manga worth reading?
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You don't have anything better to do.
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Not at all. I read and finished the kumagawa arc and it was decent at best. The first arcs are extremely boring, predictable and is just a slog to get through in general.
Then comes the kumogawa arc with his all fiction. I was interested in seeing how he'll use it since its so broken, also the story really escalates at this point. While the arc had some good moments, it really wasn't worth the hassle. Also the arc just suddenly ends and leads into another shitty mediocre arc. It really felt like reading psyren again.
Go read dorohedoro instead

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a cute niko.webm
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What does /a/ think of Casshern Sins?
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What Precure is that?
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Nope, it's a sequel of Mushiking anime.
Stitches if anyone is interested. Did them myself.

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