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Oda Nobuna.png
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What is the origin of this trend in anime? Was Seiba the first prominent example, or is it older?
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Diverse set of "thing" but depicted as cute grills

T H A T ? ? ?
Isn't that Romance of three kingdom VN did it first?
Koihime Musou? Ikki Tousen came before that so it can't be the first, though Ikki is reincarnation and not just genderswapping.

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rear end.png
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Thoughts on the female posterior?
More of them? Less of them?

If the latter, what's it like being fucking gay?
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posting superior butt
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loli butt

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How hard would you tap that hot goddess ass /a/?

This movie was so fucking good, they don't make them this good in the 21st century.
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Ah My Goddess I think.
Neo-/a/, everyone.
Spotted the retard.

Is this the proper way to treat a loli?
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If you're 50 feet tall I guess so.
Fuck off, frogposter.

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Why is Ume-sama so perfectly perfect?
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Ben-to was so much fun.
Don't question Ume-sama.

>wins the war
>has helicarriers and all that shit
>500+ years later just about all the buildings are still made with stones
>They don't know anything about their treasured weapons
>Not a single person assigned to research on the weapons
>They immediately decided to use their trump card which is having one of their best/strongest soldiers to suicide bomb instead of continuing to search for another way using the 10days
>The only ones who could wield the weapons are barbarians who don't even know how to use them
>No fighting style tought or training, just having them swing their dugs like toddlers
>They don't even fucking do maintenance to their dugs
>Nobody knew anything about them nor researched and they even had a wrong assumption about how it works
>finally someone know about the dugs weapons, everything about it, how it works, maintanance how to fight with it, fine tuning, EVERYTHING, and they completely ignore/ brush it off
>All of this for 500 YEARS

How did the humans lose to these guys again?
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everybody who knew anything about them died 500 years prior, any recorded information is on the surface, probably in a secured lab underground, good luck fighting your way into that.
Why bother to train you soldiers when you can mass produce them, and get just as good results from a method that doesn't rely on an individuals skill level?
Its an LN nigga.
>Why bother to train you soldiers when you can mass produce them, and get just as good results from a method that doesn't rely on an individuals skill level?
All of their knowledge will be theorical since everyone with experience died fighting.
And having survivor mean that you can have an army in the long run instead of being limited to 20-30 sacrificial lambs at a time.

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Some nigger reccomended me Tokyo Ghoul manga and I was really skeptical because the anime was awful, then I decided to give it a try and holy crap that was a wild ride, RE had some of the best fights I've ever seen in a manga this shit is amazing and I take back everything I ever said about TG being shitty.
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How unexpected, a stealth rec thread is made by an anon with shit taste.
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Nazo no Kanojo X. Expected fetish fuel, got fetish fuel, sweet love stories told in metaphors and beautiful art.
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>talks about :Re while posting a pic with the character that turned the manga into shit ever since he went from comedic relief to Gary Stu antagonist
>posts the manga that had a shit ending

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incoming forest orgy?
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>16 pages

I almost feel bad for Berserk fans
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So she's slowly healing on her own?

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>In the end, the only thing to do is to get good.
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That's git gud to you, kid.
I know the lesson but how do I do it?
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Make sure you sit in THAT seat.

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How come no one is talking about this?
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Because It's boring as fuck. I still don't know how the hell I managed to finish the first season.
Shit taste confirmed
Because it's the kind of show that has one good thread the day it airs and people don't really shitpost about it.
The last episode riled people up though because Benten returned though.

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seriously trigger?
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O shit waddup
Trigger think they slick...
THEY dabbin!!!
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I would so hack those dolls.

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Akarin is pure
pure shit
How did you post without an image??

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Why aren't you reading the best new manga on the block?
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wh- what is it?
No one told me this updates daily.

Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise)
The daily updates are nice.

> All these Shoujo WN titles to be up for manga adaptation.
> The white cat that swore vengeance was just lazing on the Dragon King's lap
> The corner is fine, please don't mind me
> Can someone please explain this situation
> The inner palace tale of a villainess noble girl
> Drop!! A tale of the fragrance princess
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And yes, those titles are their real names from left to right. Sometimes, I wonder if nips will bother being a little more creative with their names.
Those names are creative though. Definitely a step up from the typical "x of x"
In all seriousness, I fail to comprehend how nips put the entire synopsis in the title.

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Why is Chisato Hasegawa the best nurse in all of anime?
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she is also the BEST CAKE :)
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she can nurse my dick anytime

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