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look at this shit.png
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Why are Japs so obsessed with games in their isekai? It's the stupidest shit.

In fact, when is this whole isekai fad going to be over? Feels like it's been years of this braindead trash over and over without any end in sight. If it was any good I'd love it but all we get is this fucking rubbish.
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Because videogames are predictable. That makes them good for power-fantasies and even better for lazy writing.
>Don't have to explain how shit works cause video games
>Don't have to have your MC actually learn and grow, they can just be inherently OP and understand the world better than it's own denizens because video games
>Attracts them sweet otaku bucks by perpetuating the meme that if they were inside of a video game they wouldn't be a pathetic as they are in real life
There's more but essentially it's writing an isekai with training wheels.

Because if someone was transported to another world, he'd be up shit creek.

Look at stuff like Grimgar, where the kids are desperately trying to stay alive. Or Western 'trapped in another world' stories, where the protagonist is usually clueless, out of his depth, and in deep shit.

If you didn't have videogame mechanics, all the isekai protagonists wouldn't be able to use their broken powers without difficulty. Like, have you ever swung a sword or killed a person in your entire life? I know I haven't.

Unless it's an RPG, in which everything's stylized, your average protagonist would be scared shitless and screaming the entire time.

Is your dick useless /a/?
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It has grown useless after years of systematic abuse.
Is she supposed tobe 12y old? What a slut. Future hooker guaranteed
>future hooker
Japanese children are actually raised properly

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1. 9 new silhouettes have been revealed
2. Aqours, THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS, JUNNA and Minori Suzuki from Walküre, and Wake Up, Girls! will be at Anime Expo on June 30th.
3. Chika's Birthday Set now up for pre-orders.
4. Round 2 of the HPPT Live Tour lottery begun last night.
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Tomorrow, Aqours is performing at Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Live.

Who are those girls?
>all those people get invited to Anime Expo
>Konomi Suzuki is going to Anime Expo too
>the Shana/Index singer never got invited to any American events before she retired
Why was the latter allowed? The Shana/Index singer had a fanbase in America too.

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What went wrong?
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It's a hentai film aimed at pedophiles.
Was the last episode the one where she gets boned by the man in the cloak or was it the one with the duplicate of her?

Basically, when's the next episode
Breasts too large.

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Precure Thread

>"With all that in mind, though, let me just state outright at the beginning that overall for me Mahou Tsukai is probably among the top three of the PreCure seasons that I enjoy "

Score: B+


Score: 7.07

>"Mahou Tsukai was my first "real" introduction to the Pretty Cure series and it gave me a good impression."

Final Rating: 6.98 (7)

>"Mahou Tsukai PreCure is one of my top 3 entries in the franchise so far alongside Suite and DokiDoki!.The magical girl and wizardy combination won me over instantly, the cast are delightful, the mascot and infant are some of the franchise’s best and the vintage Cure action is as good as always. Highly recommended to PreCure fans and magical girl enthusiasts."


>"There was a fear that Maho Girls PreCure! wouldn’t be able to live up to its predecessor, Go! Princess PreCure. For me, I definitely feel that it has surprassed it. For those who are keen on magical girl and fantasy genres, Maho Girls PreCure! is well worth watching."

Score: 9/10

Threadly reminder that Maho being bad is just a meme and that it's actually the best series in the franchise.
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What a lame series for little girls
It's literally a sentai series for girls.
Precure is dead

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How does this spider keep coming up with all these wonderful poses?
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Kumo is the cutest.
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Kumo and D both have such plump rear ends.
>le Jojo pose XD
Fuck off.

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What´s the middle bottom ?
what is left center?
paranoia agent
kino no tabi

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my shit taste.png
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Just started keeping track of the shit I watch, so I got a little curious.

How do you guys keep track of the anime/manga you consume, if at all?
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MAL is actually pretty good
The majority uses myanimelist.

The most important thing to do is to know why you are doing it.
There is nothing better

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I got into this show just now.

Genos has no penis
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well yeah he's a robot
Maybe he has a retractable penis.
the show is too gay

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Oshimi Going in!!! what do you guys think it is? i cant eve guess it. Suspense is real, inb4 his cousin just got a boner from his aunt.
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He's just looking at him with a scary face like 'I'll push you down if you don't stop fucking around'
Auntie is thinking about pushing the gay cousin of the cliff and he can see it on her face.
Everyone looks like a serial killer in this

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Liz should have been the heroine
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Liz should have been on my dick
Klein should have been the MC
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Best girl

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It's been so long, why hasn't Japan made a sexier character than Doublas?
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>no handjob doujinshi

One job, Japan!
how is a freaking kid sexy to you?
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the wait is unbearable

but at least its happening
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looks like it's missing one more important character
File: maxresdefault.jpg (69KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>import os
>import os.path
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Why is the kerning of i different on the second line?
Literally unusable.
no bully

bath sex with megane-chan incoming
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Keep going...
Nice Doujinshi you got there.
Is it on sadpanda yet?

>can't write for shit anymore
>make it porn

everyone taking the yabuki/mashima route, it seems

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