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She wants the wood in the womb

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You will never wake up next to this.
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I wish I could wake up next to a christmas tree as well.
But I do have a girlfriend.
fuck off normalfag

FUCK this lesbo elf when is our guy bell coming back?
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Just rewatch SAO
At least put danmachi in the title next time.
It's okay, the anime is already punishing her by cucking her at every turn.

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New chapter is out

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Hopefully they become bros soon, the end of the chapter was a good sign and i bet is kind of impossible but i really want glasses and redhead to stay revelant power/combat wise.
Really looking forward to the next chapter
Are you going to dump it? Or did you just come to advertise?

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Gabu on the front page
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your waifu a shit
I want to fuck a small girl like Gabu!

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12 is prime age
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I prefer 10
12 is not a prime.
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old hag

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What is this face trying to convey
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Take it easy.
Literal moeblob

Picked this up recently and I don't understand the economics of accel world at all.

Duels are zero sum, and burst points are used up by accelerating. Moreover, each burst linker can only grant a copy of brain burst to one other player.

The total number of burst points in the game should be dwindling, and it no one would take a chance to duel.

Am I missing something?
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I don't think it's ever explicitly stated that duels are zero sum, but they must be so by necessity.

Otherwise players would be able to collaborate and win burst points endlessly.
Isn't there a PvE zone where they can farm monsters for points or something?

yeah but you get shit

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This was a guy
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>was a guy
works for me!
so was I

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I'll go ahead and translate directly from gookscans so that you faggots can see what's happening in the story.

Huff Huff.



Hey Oslo, it feels like I had a pleasant dreams today.

You're asking what kind of dream I had?

W.... Well, I and Diane we ki.... Kis.....

Kissed each other.
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It wasn't a dream.

D.... Dididididiane!!?

You really surprised me you know~? It looks like you're fine although you suddenly passed out there.

Say... Why did you.... Well.... We kissed.... No I'm really happy about it.....
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For keeping your promise 200 years ago

....I guess?

A promise made 200......

Ye....ars? ago..........?

I'll be back by your side no matter what.

....I promise you.

Could it be.... that....

....Your lost memories were!?
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Gowther returned them to me as a present and an apology,

Gowther did......

Gowther isn't a bad person like you think King,

....I want to talk about it later with you.... Will it be ok?

Y... Yeah, of course.

I..... was too harsh to him after all...

You know memories born from a cherished event that's been written deep inside of you, you may forget them or have a hard time remembering them,

But they don't disappear no matter what....

.......I've....... been wanting to get something off my chest for a while

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Translations when?
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more raws from months ago
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Why don't more battle shonen anime use avant garde visuals like Naruto?
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Where does Pierrot get such good artists on board for a few episodes then disappear?
They have multiple teams
Faggot-alert. The Naretard is back.

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Do you have any game or manga which you want to see in Anime?
Pic related.
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You are out of the loop dumb mobileposter.
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Fucking retarded
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Are they still on Namek?
Th-Thats not just one infinity! It has surpassed aleph null and became skipped straight to aleph 2!! Hajime no ippo just disproved the continuum hypothesis.
Boxers arn't known for being the smartest.

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Hi, /co/ here. I never watch anime, but my friend talked me into Death Note and I've been loving it.

What's the consensus on this? Does /a/ like it? Does the rest of the internet like it? Did it have an impact on the anime community at large? Are there other anime like Death Note that I should jump into next?

Also, what do you guys think of the Netflix movie? It looks like trash.
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Jesus Christ you guys suck. It's called an opinion thread.
You'll hate it after that ASSPULL
Overall it's a neat show, if you liked this you'd probably like attack on titan as well, i'm sure you've heard a lot about it.

Don't bother with what the cynical people say, it's genuinely the 1 of 5 decent anime to have been created this decade, so i suggest you watch the next, then get into more niche shows.

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