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How'd you get into Jojo?
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I want Joubin to heat me up
I only started reading it last year cause of Diamond is Unbreakable and am now on Steel Ball Run which is probably my favorite right now
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Everyday until you like.

The Lone Pine Tree
>Near the Higashikata residence
>Where Norisuke's mother exchanged her life for him.
>Where Kaato buried the child so that Joubin could live.
>Kira and Josefumi were buried near here.
>Josefumi's new Rokaka graft was located on the far side of this tree.
>Also near Hyougara Rocks.

Meditation Tree = The Twin Pine
>Near the coast.
>Johnny placed the corpse here.
>The same place where Kyo combined the fruits.
>The baby was washed up here.
>Has a 'Hidden Cave' that leads into the building where the Higashikata's hold those who have the disease after the earthquake.

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I think that “birdlime” is the identity of Katakuri’s devil fruit. It will make perfect sense IMO, because:

1. It falls under “natural” category
2. It comes from a plant named ilex integra aka “Mochi” tree
3. It is used as ingredient of many traditional foods in Asia (fits the food theme)
4. It has sticky characteristic
5. It is used to trap birds
6. It is proverbially sticky

What do you guys think?

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Zoro opening his Sharingan eye when?
I honestly thought why the fuck is Katakuri using a sword. Zoro and Katakuri look really similar.
Did Zoro cause the slow death of the series with his autist edgefag powerlevel shit?

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The last thread got canned and I didn't see a new one.
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deku is a pure wholesome boi
Birb is best boy
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KuMeYu info coming via this month's magazine, #2 movie sub have been out, And report said that chapter 2 have earned more revenue and gained more audience than chapter1 http://www.animetimes.com/news/details.php?id=1492485846 Chapter 3's presold ticket have also reached 140% of chapter 2's.

Also, clarification: the mini theater ranking does mot represent its performance in mini theater, instead it's about performance of movie that are shown in small scale.

>Well, this took longer than expected. Several thanks to all the heroes who helped with the effort.
>>[MajiYuusha] Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero - Washio Sumi's Chapter (Spirit).mkv
>Subs finally muxed to the only raw we have since there isn't anything else out, yet.
>ASS files located here: https://mega.nz/#F!otoEBKwB!cngyxDcVVuW0CTEvMZqqKw
>Torrent here: https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=919448
>torrent will be at third world speed, apologies for the horribble connection quality
>For the more technical oriented of us, the mega link also includes an xdelta patch for the [Raw Niboshi] release. I didn't make a batch file because windows is a bitch.
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first for KAGAWA LIFE
Post Top Yuusha
Thread's currently deader than Gin. I'm sorry.

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We bangs now.
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We dose now.
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ssb gohan.png
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Stop wanting to cum in Hisu.
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BRYH a best.
>I was a Titan the whole time

this show is fucking shit
This desu

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What got you into anime?
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My grandfather left me a box of laserdiscs containing his entire collection of early Kyoani works
My first anime was Madoka Magica. Still the best anime I've seen.

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I think Persona is a pretty cool guy. Eh gets friends and doesn't afraid of creators.
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Have the characters seen their own porn on the internets on the Creator world
>there's a small possibility that Hitler63 wasn't created by Sota from the future

This may actually not be a trainwreck
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not yet

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>next week isn't a Sucy episode
>the couple of weeks afterwards aren't either
>last handful of episodes will be focused on the plot which only Akko, Diana, Croix and Ursula/Chariot only have personal stakes in
>barely if any time for her and Sucymom
How do Sucyfags feel about this?
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>>next week isn't a Sucy episode
Meant next episode
Would you anons want to be converted to the church of YAY!
It was all over once producer pretty much said they weren't going to reveal anything about her because they wanted to keep her mysterious.

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"Selfie time! Yay!"

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Why are these 2 so perfect together?
Guys, I want to have sex with Cheerio.
I don't think that's an accurate translation

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Was he autistic?
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>3rd comes out soon

Reminder that this is the true OTP of the trails franchise and if these two were in Cold Steel it would have never came to fruition thanks to haremshit.

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Why is Kuro so violent?
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I don't believe you
she's a nigger
If by that you mean brown loli being violently sexy, I agree.

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No Fun edition
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Endgame right here, brothers.
First For EM is canon
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Armin looks like THAT?!

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Can we all agree that this arc has the best cast of characters since the timeskip?
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It's the best arc since Impel Down, and while not all of BM's underlings are memorable, there are still more decent designs among them than among WB and marine fodder from Marineford or the gladiators
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let's be honest, who do you like better?
i remember putting dofla on a pedestal a few years ago but i've recently come to the conclusion that croc is really the best boy
did you just fucking shill your own art

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