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How are my spic bros holding up now that Nyaa is gone?

Are you ready to download those anime from MEGA HD Ligero?
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I just use horriblesubs.info
Stay off this website.
I use animeflv.

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>There are users on /a/ who doesn't know what Zettai Ryouiki is

How does this make you feel, anon?
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Literally what?
The AT field at Evangelion you pleb

Spotted the newfag

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Just a reminder
>tournament doesn't start until June
>episode 98 is called ''Not all the fighters show up?!?''

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>Search "ACE"
>8 matches
Why come there's this many ACE threads without ACE in it?
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>hoku hoku
Ping Pong is gay
Hokuto is gay.

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>listening to Dvorak's 9th
>like two minutes left
>innocently scroll down
>top comment: "Anyone else discover this masterpiece thanks to Shinsekai Yori?"
>my mouth fills with bile
>immediately click the big red X

So should all anime studios except Trigger just be banned from using classical music? Most studios don't even understand how to properly implement their own OSTs. I hate it when they ruin good pieces. It's like when I hear the 1812 overture and I think of a fucking Windex commercial or something. How do we fix anime music or at least music direction?
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How exactly does being in an anime "ruin" a piece of music? I don't understand that.
Real niggas learn about Dvorak from Penguindrum, not gay 2deep4u mystery bullshit like SSY
Nigger, Dvorak's 9th is popular as fuck and basically normalfag tier anyway. Get mad when someone discovers something that's at least mildly uncommon like Bartok.

Umi Sonoda is a dork.
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Umi is love.

Umi is life.
the one who calls others dorks is the true dork
But Umi is the queen of the dorks

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3x3 Thread
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Hello friends. If this thread survives till morning I'll respond to any anons that reply to this post. Till then I'll be asleep.

You make these threads too often. Let another anon be OP for a change.
Has there been any 3x3 that included something in past 5 years?
I only make them when there's not another thread
If some other anon wants to make one, they can

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Season 2 when?
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Very soon.

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Who else here has never touched a light novel and never will?
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Me. I read them online.
Only an fool would buy a physical copy.
I have PDF's of all my LN's in a drive
Haruhi were the only LNs I have ever read and I have all of them in physicial.

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Fucking finally
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They fugg?

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>Translator: Warnis

Let me get this straight, they're now "employing" the translator that was working for free on B-T (obviously removing said translations over there now) and using the translation of the first 22 novels to get money? And now he's going to translate 23+ exclusively for them?
Just wow.
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Compared to Yen Press this is insanely good
I am a bit pissed though, I wanted to fucking read this and now I have to pay out of my wallet to do it
Well, I just checked again.
Seems like the first 22 volumes will stay free forever so it's good.
I misunderstood the situation a bit.
I wonder how they even got the Japanese publisher's permission to do that.

Fuck you George Bush, stop ruining my animes
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Only around 10 more hours before we see if things get comfy again or if there is only more suffering
>yfw when you're a IEDD expert but the bomb disarms you instead
What else does she do with those arms?

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How do we make battle shounen great again?
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You can't.
Plan out the story in advance.
Biweekly to allow for more rest and less constraint.
Recognize that storytelling has layers, especially within the action-adventure genre. There might be a good overall story idea but what about the acts that comprise the story? What kind of storytelling goes on within each fight? Outside of the fighting? What about within an individual chapter? And yes, even within a page or a panel.

A cool, new move with no narrative purpose nor narrative leading up to it is less interesting and satisfying than an old, familiar move with both.

Omit needless fights.

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You now remember the following anime:

>Level E
>Honto ni Atta Raibai-sensei
>Hoshizora e kakaru hashi
>Sakura Trick
>Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

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Ika Musume, despite being huge when it was airing.
It was a meme show, but it didn't actually sell all that much.
it was a meme anime, noone forgot about it

most people remember sakura trick because lesbians

Do you think we will get more manga like these relatable cult classics?
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>new Otouto no Otto chapter never
Buy the official English version then.

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