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This is Mami-san.
She likes tea, keki, lolis and guns. She hates witches, lesbians, rude people and rude lesbians.
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She hates herself?
>She hates witches, lesbians, rude people and rude lesbians.

glad she got ahead of herself, then
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She is also the best out of the mecucas!

Is Stylet becoming the town's bicycle?
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I can hope.
Which frame arms girl would you fuck?

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Final Episode of Bang Dream

Now /ourgirls/ live on in the Mobage and Manga.
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Saya's mom is the hottest girl in the show.
I still have faith in Bandori
On ep10, much better than LL but full of QUALITY. How much did it flop?

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Oh well, I may start at least.

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already started
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Elf a shit. A SHIT.
Threads here dipshit
Anyone else think Sagiri's personality is awful? Her design is great but everything else is a no-go. Selfish, prone to angry and passive-aggressive outbursts, doesn't want to talk things out. Her hikokomori/shut-in side is poorly written. She doesn't want to leave her room not because she's scared of people or shy (what kind of shy person shows themselves on stream in front of thousands of people) but because she's lazy and wants a free ride throughout life and doesn't care who she inconveniences. Her brother enables her to be that way. It was barely funny with Umaru because it was done in a tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top way, so here done in a more serious tone it's extremely grating. She doesn't even show any appreciation towards him which also makes it worse.

I admit I felt pretty bad for her in the first episode where they give us both their backstories, and then she just ruins it by getting offended at MC calling her family and telling him to leave. He was trying to get along in his own way and she shut him down and tells him to leave for no reason. She just comes off as extremely selfish and entitled. That's why I'm so baffled that people like this girl outside of porn and doujins. I think it's crazy that this is considered the type of girl that otaku idealize. She's cute and all but in no way likable. And not because of character flaws or whatever, but because the writer sucks balls at writing captivating or relatable characters.

A lot of anime make the character a cute, young girl so they don't have to do the hard part of writing to make the audience sympathize with the character through their words and actions, and with Sagiri this is very, very obvious. She's probably one of the cutest characters this season, design-wise. Just add in a few blushes, side glances and fidgeting, and you have a character who in instantly likable to 95% of the otaku audience no matter how entitled they are. No need to deal with that pesky writing stuff.

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Do you think she's still qualified as a magical girl?
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Well, she's a girl, and she can cast magic.
No, no, she will, technically, be able to learn ice magic, not have it.
And if public completely forgets character development from ch50, it doesn't mean that ch 100, that relies on her being influenced by it to do right, isn't going to happen.
She's overqualified for her job now. Should jump ship and apply for something better, like empress of the universe.

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guess what?


Is Toki jumping the shark?
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And the Biyori bowl goes to...

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Is this a Jojo reference?
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inb4 Yaa gomen, gomen.
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Here comes chapter 30, the one I'm pretty damned sure you know already about.

Hello Abyss - 30 - "Unexpected Crisis"


"Not here..."

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"That's right..."
"That must be it..."

They must have gone to the toilet.


Disposal Tank
"...Is this really the toilet...?"
>flushing rugs down the toilet
Oh boy time for shota abuse

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Diana with a full yay is the best Diana

20 Hours left until streams...

30 Hours left until subs...
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Shit op

Why is Captain Aizen so dreamy?
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Is it the eyes? Or the glasses? Or the lips perhaps?
Can't Fear Your Own World - By Narita Ryohgo
is the supposed title of the new novel. April 28th the release date.
It's the barely hidden smug smirk he keeps sporting like he wants to spill the beans on the great inside joke he's in every time he talks to someone.

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Chapter's out. ToukaXKaneki confirmed. Sexing soon.

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nth for etofag tears
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>tfw touka won the kanekibowl

What a great chapter.
>Ayato with implants

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I never played the game so can somebody explain to me why the pro-tag is such an asshole?
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because it was made back when everyone thought that being emo was cool
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Listen to this cunt.
In my canon he was kind. The movies are not canon in my opinion.

Chapter 73 and 74 are out. Still waiting on the special chapter
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>Metal beat beats a dragon level threat with strong conviction
>Suriyu runs away scared from a dragon threat

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> the strong guys

More like the three madmen and the coward.
Didn't uk say he was working on the Sweet Mask chapter?

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Would I enjoy this show if military stuff has zero appeal to me but I think the girls are really cute?
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Yes, you'll also end up liking the military stuff as well
It depends, I found it very enjoyable thanks to the tankservice.
If you know nothing about WW2 probably not

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