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One Page Thread
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itt: the anime life you want
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I already have that though, minus the unnecessary leech on my savings.
>ywn see your roommate dragon god getting devoured by a mimic in Dark Souls
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How has BakaBT going private affected you?
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It hasn't.
last access: 2013
Nothing, already watch all old anime

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Would you cuddle with a couple of ibises?
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I'd cuddle them all

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Hime-sama is best girl
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all girls are greatso far desu
Except the terrorist.
Yes, Mamika is evil. I hope we see her suffer a mental breakdown.

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Waiting for the stream >tfw no sound
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link: http://mov3.co/en/ntv/
Mineta x Momo is canon.
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Never forget my wife Satania
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satania and kitty 3.png
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ehh it was okay, show might get more love if it didn't come out in a moe-heavy season

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Ep.1 remastered version is out
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Please no raping Shoebill
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I wanna do things to Arai-san
I want to rape Shoebill.

>Teaching a 10 (?) year old to open the gates

Was that really the best idea Lee?
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At least we got some development on the eye shit.
Has it been explained why kabuto looks like orochimaru still in Boruto era stuff despite orochimaru taking all of his own chakra and shit back?
>10(?) year old can kick holes in what seems to be a concrete wall

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Buyfag Thread:


Read the guide before asking questions.
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We need her in a dirndl. It has to happen eventually, right?

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>that inner-thigh mole


She's going to rape me with the shipping cost

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Why do people say she isn't a realistically-written child character, or that she doesn't feel like a 9 year old?
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Because they only watched the movie.
Because she's from a family full of assassins and has it in her blood to head into battle with no hesitation. If you told your local 9 year old they had to put on a uniform and save people RIGHT NOW they'd shit themselves.
Because she isn't a realistically-written child character, or that she doesn't feel like a 9 year old. But what idiot watches this shit for realism? I want to see cute loli blasting and befriending.

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how is a drawing like this achieved? how did the artist drew those lines and shades so well? is this computer generated? or just a photo with the outlines been scanned.
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It looks like CG to me.
Probably everything except character coloring is done with a computer. The line art would be hand drawn, although possibly rotoscoped given the level of detail.
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Most of these "super realistic" mangas are actually made through tracing.
These artists do not actually have the skill to pull out amazing realism so they trace either photos or 3D models.

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Why does everyone love this candyslut?
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This show is so weird. She doesn't even act like a real person, she's sort of like a quirky robot.
she acts like a druggy.
She's a bad taste magnet so the men of culture are free to have nice discussions about how great Saya is.

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What is he thinking about?
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Bustin' skulls, but in a fun sportsman type way.
thingken of fight

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fukoku kyohei.webm
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Sumi Washio chapter #2 (Spirit) is OUT!!!
>[MajiYuusha] Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero - Washio Sumi's Chapter (Spirit).mkv

ASS files located here:
Torrent here:

Warning: Thread carefully around here since this most post will contain spoilers.
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Reminder that the Yuusha are going to be hopelessly doomed in Season 2 due to no fairies.
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Loved the Movie.
Was great!
Maybe they'll get better armor to make up for it.
Maybe they'll be clanking around like medieval knights by the end of the show.

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