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You're waifu's face when you confess
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Cute Blush.gif
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Hopefully it would be this.
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confused rin.png
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Has Ishida redeemed himself?
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She literally looks like a man.
Shut the fuck up.
No people just have a spergout.

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I... I just don't understand Japan's taste in anime
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Is it cute and not too deep but deep enough? Bang, mega millions. I've noticed Western Works have more guts when it comes to talking about deep and uncomfortable topics. Probably because our society doesn't revolve around taboos.
KF is still TANOSHI as fuck.
I don't understand the west's taste in anime
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>deep topics

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We've never had any IS threads anymore.

The show was such a masterpiece. All the intelligent people chose to livewatch it instead of Madoka back when the two were airing.
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love charlotte and cecilia's design
cecilia's personality is awful
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>No S3
>Generic haremshit

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ITT: characters that are actually autistic, like they would be literally diagnosed with it under the DSM-V
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this one
Which one changes her diapers, or her sharted-in panties?
That's like every character in every anime

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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>156146721
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Mitsuha Reference.jpg
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Requesting Mitsuha happily crying tears of joy with a look of disbelief on her face.
It can be a reaction to anything.
Requesting kinky lingerie yuri between Akiba's Trip politician and Sophia Nishikinomiya.
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Requesting Isonami Kirara dressed as black widow.

black widow refs http://imgur.com/a/0CybF

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Girls disguised as guys really are the best

>that voice
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Oni a best.
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Toukafags BTFO
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What's his hand grabbing?
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>/ourgirl/ cucks Touka
Maximus Butthurt

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Any Sucyfags here? I'd really like to beat the shit out of you!
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>S-sorry for breaking your phone, anon. As an apology, I'll do whatever you want me to!
What do?
Reminder anyone shipping Akko or anyone else together in a sexual way are not true fans of LWA and should be reported on sight
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This is Barbara!
Barbara is a girl!
Barbara is a bully!
Barbara has a big butt!
I love Barbara!

New episode is just 9 hours.
New chapter yesterday.

Best bird Tokoyami incoming.
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>Deku invites her over to his house for dinner one day
>She's ecstatic at first, but then comes the self-doubt and fear of making a fool of herself
>She shoulders through it until Deku's mom makes a comment that it's good that a growing girl is eating healthy, pointing towards two empty bowls of rice.
>She quickly excuses herself as tears start to form
>Deku explains to his mom that Uraraka probably wasn't feeling well because of her quirk as they hear loud retching noises from the bathroom
>They don't know, however, that she did it on purpose.
Why is Uraraka such a fat cow?
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Ok, as I promised an anon in the last thread, this are the titles of the upcoming 3 episodes

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Does he have the beetle balls to kill someone important in the story?
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As long as dad doesn't find out.
Fuck that shit OP.

Everyone, cast an actor to play Gyro
tony danza

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Would Azazel turn against Mugaro?
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>turning against the holy fuccboi
impossible, only filthy neingen could commit such heresy
Wondering if he'll feel a little betrayed once he finds out he's basically an angel.

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Angry fatties.png
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Well /a/? Which of these chubby elves has the better figure?
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>fat elves
left is chubby?
It's almost as if you are a homosexual.

It went to her thighs and ass.

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a giant Baby.png
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Ruby Kurosawa is a giant Baby!
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Wuby is a big girl not a baby
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im flower circle
That was cute as fuck.
>Aikyan will never tell you to go to hell

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Why did his story have to get ruined twice?
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Miss me yet?
Trunks deserves nothing but suffering.
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Reminder that you guys aren't dealing with the average android anymore.

17 is the Legendary Super Android God now.

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