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Haven't seen one in a while.
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Don't die thread, not yet.
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>New Prisma Illya
>No thread
Let's fix that

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found this cute doujin on fem genos and saitama
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its non h by the way
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Is there a smarter anime character?
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Yes, but none quite as wealthy.
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>being 16
>already developed top notch technology (regardless if used for a card game)
>CEO of a company
>founder of a theme park
I still don't get why he needed to go to high school
If high school was about learning math and shit, it would have been obsoleted by the internet. Schools exist to make people not be total spergs.

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Your favorite swimsuit?
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One-piece swimsuits like that are probably my real absolute favorite. However I also really love sling bikinis.
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Cute and frilly.

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If you say the D word you lose
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junk a best doll
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i love jojo
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i love hnk
Please /a/ please give me a manga or anime that will make me say 'sheesh did i really think that highly of jojo'
Cowboy Bebop

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Did /a/ like this series?
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Part of /a/ did.
Nigger, I hope you didn't actually watch the anime.
It was a good manga.

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who the fuck is this
I want to get lucky with Aki-lucky.
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Is this really fairy tail-tier of badness? I want to start watching a new battle shounen and was thinking to give this one a try
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ITs cool and good shit

suffers from power creep, but thats just normal
It's nothing like Fairy Tail because it's good.
I for one recommend it.

No, this is not about whatever happened with kazuma and megumin. I'm behind on konosuba and I'm a bit of a newfag to anime. I watched the anime series and personally thought it was a riot, and then found out there is a light novel which I want to dive into. However in one of those other threads I heard there was a WN (which I assume means web novel). Is that the same thing as a light novel? Or is it something different, and if so could somebody sauce me?

So this doesnt get flagged as a request thread or something like that, I would also like to use this thread to discuss the animation of konosuba. I have heard complaints that it was off form, but I've heard arguments that animation is not supposed to be on form because it is too restrictive. What is every bodies thoughts on that?? I'm still on the fence between the two arguments though I would hold that the off form animation style can be used for physical comedy more effectively.
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A web novel is just what it sounds like - a novel published on the internet, not printed in books.
Konosuba started as a WN and got popular enough for an actual publisher to pick it up and publish a printed version, the light novel. I think there are major differences between the WN and the LN versions though. The anime is based on the LN version.
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What the fuck are you even doing?
Thanks anon!
Where can I find the web novel, in that case??
Is a simple google search all I need or will it be buried somewhere under thousands of other unrelated results??

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Is their a comic book character as badass as Guts?
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zack snyder's superman
I think Halo is a pretty cool guy.

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Who would win in a fight between SSJ4 Goku and SSJB Goku?
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SSJB Goku has canonically gone toe to toe with the most powerful beings of his respected universe. SSJ4 Goku was still finding threats to face and in the end of the series was actually facing off against a corrupted form of Shenron.

Shenron is canonically middle of the pack for the divine beings and decidedly not on par with a canon Hakkaishin (god of destruction, damn spelling).

the best thing for Toriyama would be to have both individuals meet in the tournament of power and duke it out there. this would make GT into a separate universe (perhaps 5) and ensure that there is no further plot holes for the story.
Goku, probably.
Honestly, I think the SSJ4 thing should be done now, because I suspect the SSJ4 could be combined with the SSJB to create something bigger.

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What are some anime shows featuring NTR?

It's so popular in hentai, you'd think it would be more common in anime
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hibicuck euphorium
Shes talking about her brother ya dip
Urusei Yatsura

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So what do you think made this such a successful series?
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Hunter x Hunter
Children in Japan and children + clueless weebs in the West.
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It being genuinely fun to watch unlike the contrarian shit you faggots circlejerk over

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