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What anime/manga give me the power creep of a typical power fantasy shonen like Dragon Ball but the great character development of a seinen like Tokyo Ghoul?
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>Tokyo Ghoul
The original manga is classified as seinen according to wikipedia.
Dragon Ball and Tokyo Ghoul should do it.

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Hentai quotes thread.
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siblings are compatible.png
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more where it came from

Just how much shit does this guy eat with his grin?
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The only correct assessment. Any other is factually wrong
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Bear best girl.

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Be honest, you liked it.
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No, I dropped it after 26 episodes.

To be fair, Bones pulled the same trick on me with Star Driver.
I did indeed.
I liked the music.

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"Fuck you. I am projecting myself to you girls because I fucking failed in actually revitalizing shit. Why the fuck should I impart what I know to help you fucks out? Just give up like I did you miserable fucks."

I hate unnecessary drama like this. Especially when it's too obvious why the cunt reacted the way he did.
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Which episode will he and Sanae fuck?
PA Works has a knack for frustrating characters like that, like Hana Iro too.
He just need some country grown pussy to mellow out.

Would you a silicone goddess?
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How can those tits be fake?
All day every day.
The concept of fake anime tits is a oxymoron.

wow are you kidding me
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Real science doesn't believe in morality anon.
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retarded werewolf.gif
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wow are you kidding me

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a cute!
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I bet Sakura's pussy steams like a hot kettle.
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Stop sexualizing Sakura you degenerates, she's pure.

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How much semen would you dump in Yoko?
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I'm not sure you could fit any more in her anon, but you are welcome to try.
Get my balls empty by all that sex plus maybe bleed a little the sex after I get empty and then stop.

But probably some madman will go beyond that.
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moe 79013 sample.jpg
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She's mai waifu, so as much as possible.

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If ZUN were to put up a Touhou anime kickstarter with the requirement being $5 million, would the demand be met?

If so, how quickly?
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One job
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No romance, only friendships.
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I for one prefer this DhD couple
I said friendships not lovemates who need to fuck.
Isaac and Miria.

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This film is the most significant contribution to animation this decade and will likely remain without parallel until Norshteyn finishes his masterpiece. Yet otaku seem to lack the patience and wisdom to appreciate it. It remains relatively ignored both in Japan and in the West. Why are such terrible circumstances allowed to exist?
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>This film is the most significant contribution to animation this decade
I don't think so.
I'll start by saying Hedgehog in the fog is one of my favorite animated shorts, and I watch it about once a year.

Do you really think The Tale of the Princess Kaguya was ignored in Japan and in the West? It was nominated for an Academy Award for best animated feature film in either 2014 or 2015, has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and I can't remember having ever read anything negative about it. How does that even come close to being ignored?

Sure it doesn't cater to the anime crowd that jerks it furiously to Eromanga-Sensei and thought No Game No Life was the best thing to come out of Japan since Pearl Harbour, but that does NOT mean it has been 'relatively ignored'.

I do think it's a very significant contribution to animation, although there are several other animated movies that has it beat when it comes to substance apart from the gorgeous and unique animation in my opinion. To say it's unparalleled is kind of a stretch, even when comparing it with what's come out only in the last decade. Also, I have no idea how The Overcoat is going to turn out, might be we never get to see it, but to assume it's going to be a masterpiece before the thing is done is a little bit of a stretch.

When it comes to the whole 'why are such terrible circumstances allowed to exist' bit - you do realize that a lot of art that is perceived today as pure genius remained obscure and unrecognized until after the death of the artist, right? This movie has received praise and recognition in spades. Maybe not as much as you feel it deserves based on its merits, and maybe movies and series that are vastly inferior receive more attention and praise than they should.

Enjoy it for what it is, and share it with the people you love. It's certainly a great movie.
My sister saw this because of Naruto.

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spoilers are up. These are confirmed according to OPN.

















食戟のソーマ 214話 ネタバレへ続く!!
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Also, I'm a dumbass who forgot to put shokugeki no souma in the subject line.
Can't read moon, but seems to be what's expected. A lot of info about Souma's dish, reactions from the judges. A unanimous decision which will be the start of next chapter, etc.

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Can someone explain to me why every single light novel thats in a fantasy school setting have the main character almost always instantly come in contact with the main girl who is always the strongest in the school and usually fire themed?
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I forgot
>always starts off annoying the main girl and has to fight her/get tested by her
In a typical story, you have to either introduce characters to the story as time goes on or throw them all together near the beginning and introduce side characters/villains as time goes on. In most light novels, authors will tend towards the latter option to some extent, but will instead only introduce the MC, the main heroine, and other side characters which will recur in future chapters. Note that many other characters may get introduced which end up being slightly more than side characters down the road, but the cast has to start somewhere (see: harem series).

As for why the main heroine is usually fire-themed and strongest in the school, the most obvious reason would be that the MC needs someone to compare power to, and instead of opting for a power scaling arc where the MC has to train to get stronger than unseen foes further in the school's hierarchy, the author can jump straight to "the MC is stronger than the strongest girl in the school, and thus she becomes a part of the 'group' the MC establishes" part of the story, allowing for future expansion of the story with little regard to true world building. As for the fire aspect, it's easy to imagine raw power as a torrent of fire or energy, and so making the 'strongest' character use fire, the reader gets a conventional point of reference for other powers in the story, and can understand the nature of her power from the beginning. If, for instance, the author would give the main heroine a power which may need some explanation, a reader may get the wrong idea about the power and assume the power does something it really doesn't. However, these types of powers are usually introduced for the MC or the villains to make the reader say "oh yeah, this villain is a clear threat due to his power" or "the MC has a good power in comparison".

TL;DR it's lazy writing that could be avoided with exposition or good narrative world building, but authors instead choose to quickstart their stories with this shit.
Fire is usually associated with being a hothead and strong.

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K-on is idolshit, right?
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fuck you
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You have brain damage

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