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Where are the fucking subs?
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>he can't speak spanish
puta madre
Donde están los putos subs en no sudaca hijo de la gran puta?
Mexisubs are tolerable. The problem is mexidubs.

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is love live the star wars and [email protected] the star trek of the idol anime? discuss.
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love live is babbys first idol anime. all flashy and bombastic. meanwhile [email protected] is more of the thinking man's take on the idol life.
Or in other words; yes.
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It's not even flashy or bombastic, it uses bad looking CGI to make the dancing scenes, [email protected] uses real animation and is a thousand times more bombastic, as they are actual idols performing in stadiums in front of thousands of people, and not these pleb "school idols".

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No. It just cartoon.
How they be real if... even our eyes aren't real..?
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Anime ja nai.

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birdy cephon.png
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/a/ loves birdy right?

Who else secretly prays for decode s3 everyday?

the OVA was also great
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I just want the manga fully scanlated.
That's literally all I ask for.
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Season 3 never ever.

Maybe in the far future if the trend of rebooting old series is still hot.
Why doesn't she dress more proper?

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Why do bitches take being cucks like champs? Manly af. Shounen-kun in her position would be doing his best Shinji Ikari impersonation.
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Different kinds of self-inserting fantasies.
I don't know. Even when i read a reverse harem manga the losers don't cuck themselves this badly for the sake of the MC
It's called rejection, something you losers can't handle.

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How do you feel about Ume-sama?
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generic design
Excellent design.
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I was worried it would take me forever to find this image in my (unorganized) /a/ folder. Instead it took me a single drag of the scroll button.

That is how much I dislike Ume.

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what's with all the pointless running in about every anime OP's? whats it symbolize?
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It's so they can get away with animating as little as possible while still giving the impression of motion
it's a meme you dip
What's the point of streaming?

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What are you translating / cleaning / editing / typesetting?

Also, fuck dead zones in scanners. Going to buy a rubber sheet or something to make a bumper for the dead zone margin (unless someone has a better way to properly align a scan away from the corner). I have to rescan a book just to get the missing margins.
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>tfw no more redrawing

I will fill that neural network with futa doujins
I feel like grayscale images are probably harder for it, since that can make it harder to differentiate shapes, and lineart might also make it a little more challenging, but that's very cool.
On the other hand, we don't need perfect images, since those blurry areas in the examples could be typeset over in a lot of cases.
Exciting times.

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He literally has cancer now
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I was surprised there was finally a real chapter, Masamune cancer aside.
Dump it.
That's what you get when you are the MC of a shit manga

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fühlt schlecht.jpg
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I challenge you to find a better face to convey tiredness

You can't. This is peak tiredness.
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Snail a best. Best expressions. Best stutters. Best everything.

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Would you anon?
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I would report her to the teacher. The classroom should be a safe space with no tolerance for bullying
In a classroom? lol no.
Not with her socks on!

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Do you love me, anon?
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No way, your personality is uninteresting as hell.
Other than the face, she wasn't that bad looking.

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OK, let's settle this, who is the biggest?
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>forgetting Unohana

You fucked up OP
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Bleach fucking sucks. I won't deny that
But god damn, has there ever been a bigger semen demon in shounen than Yoruichi?

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Was she autistic?
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>Blue haired girl without emotions and ability t othink for herself

yes anon.
trips are right
Everybody in the series are autistic.
And the ones that likes Eva are autistic as well

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how is better waifu Rem or Megumin?
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Quality grammar and thread. As expected of Rem and Megumin fags.
Fuck rem and fuck shit zero
Both are shitty, overrated memes.

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