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does anyone watch their anime at angles? what angle do you prefer?

Me? Right now I'm enjoying a nice 60 degree angle when I watch my anime

I think it really enhances the experience and provides a sort of "Plus grand sentiment" to the show

also general simulated angle thread
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I like to turn my 4k television 180 degrees when I start up my anime so I don't have to watch the trash I download.
It's like simulating a terrible front-row seat.

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Raws for Gal Gohan's next chapter are already out.
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Post it.
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Daily reminder that best girl won
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Reminder that Yui hates Argentines
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what the fuck is wrong with nips and the awful endings? this crap really has to stop
What is this? Bangaihen part 2?

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>Mou ikkai~
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S2 fucking never ;_;

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Starting Volume 2 now.

Volume 1 dump here: >>156541091 (don't read the other posts if you don't want spoilers)
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find a flaw
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Truth was a faggot.
They rushed the parts that the 2003 anime had covered, which was a mistake because it's based on the assumption that everyone had already seen it. It makes a large part of the show essentially a "Previous On Fullmetal Alchemist" segment that's hours long

Also, no L'Arc-en-Ciel

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My friends said i have bad taste in Anime music.

Show me what good music is.

My fav song is >JoJo Sono Chi no Sadame
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Bad taste senpai

i will nut in you

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Why is this character so awful?
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On the plus side, nice ass!
Because she's Naruto
Screen hog the show tries to paint as the struggling underdog, but then gets everything handed to her anyway simply because she's the super special chosen one.

A brother and sister shouldn't look at each other that way. It's not right.
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They're not wrong, society is
Sibling romance is the ideal way romances should work.

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This is now an eyebrow appreciation thread.

How would you date Satsuki? Where do you even take her? Would she ask YOU out? I don't even know how the dynamic would work.
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I love Satsuki but this thread is a bit too autism for me

You also doesn't get her character if you think she's gonna be asking anything. She wants something, she gets it. No questions.
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What's that? A Nui thread?
Because I heard it was a Nui thread.

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why is this shit highly rated
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It's very good
Because people like it and rate it highly.
It's great

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>finally get round to watching Code Geass
>it's Death Note plus Gundam SEED
>with almost every anime genre thrown in (super robot, real robot, high school etc)
>character designs by CLAMP
>Norio Wakamoto as the antagonist
>subtle nationalist themes about Japan sticking it to colonialism
>every anime fetish bait thrown in (little sister, little brother, yuribait, table masturbation etc)
>product placement

Watching it, Code Geass feels like it was created by a bunch of suits in a boardroom for maximum crosswide appeal. The whole show feels very 'calculated,. Why is this show so highly regarded /a/?
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The shows that feel calculated to me are the numerous clones that tried to dupe the success of Geass
I liked the series at the beginning, but lost a lot of interest later on.

The show is one of those series where the main character is supposed to be this crazy intellectual, but nothing intelligent happens. And that's probably because a character can never be smarter than the writer and we all know the writers of manga/comics are fucking stupid as hell.

Like when an idiot gets to write some batman comics and batman becomes the most intelligent idiot.
Why is there so much mecha anime?

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Time for a Lupin thread! Who's excited???
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also does anyone have anymore of these montages for the Lupin films? some nice anon posted them in a thread a week ago, but doesn't seem to have any more after a certain point. I'll post all of them throughout the thread.

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Can he make anything other than lolsorandom shit?
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My main problem with his is the fact that if I wanted to watch cartoons I'd watch cartoons.
That's stupid.
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>lolsorandom shit
Imaishi works best when he's directing single episodes, imo.

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Isn't Sagiri too sexy for a 12 year old?
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Yes, and it's great. She's pretty cute too.
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Do real 12 year olds do this?
Unironically yes.

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