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What the hell did I just watch, a depraved version of Masha and the Bear?
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Machi is too sexy
depends on how much you watched

the depravity levels I mean.
My wife Machi is so cute.

Can we get a 90's anime thread started? There are some hidden gems I'm sure I haven't discovered yet.
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Orphen had potential but the side cast was so bad that it ruined the entire show for me.

I liked the protag though.
can we agree anime was at it's best in the 90's and has been declining ever since
Why haven't their been more 90s anime made recently?

Will japs start making anime to pander to foreigners ?
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images (10).jpg
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This should come with a giant note for americans that it doesn't mean them
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>pandering to filthy gaijin

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Huh, my eyes seem to have gotten a bit blurry when I opened the image. What sort of magic is that?
gentle gena.mp3
Thank you. ;_;

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What is wrong with this child?
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Nothing. Kids are weird
Mom smoked weed when she was pregnant

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Describe this young, respectable high class lady and find a flaw if you can.
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That's your GIRLFRIEND
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I like this Sharo more.

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Once he gave him the live order he literally couldn't both for geass and personal reasons.
He chose not to kill Suzaku, everything beyond that was Lelouch living with the decision.
But why didn't he just kill him

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ITT: Write your own anime plot.

A few weeks ago I shared a sketch of an idea I wanted to work and I got a good feedback. Well here's a new sketch. Basically it's about a high school girl that joins an all boys baseball team and she's become their star pitcher.

So throw in your original plot!
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Karl Marx (in this universe a gray haired Loli) awakes after a drunken night in victorian London to find herself in the exotic scenary of First Century Palestine, everyone around her is Calling her Jesus of Nazareth, and her mother is pestering her to become a priest. At first, Marx scoffs at such religious Nonsense, but then realizes she can use her new identity to reshape world history by turning the soon to be largest religion in the world into a force for revolutionary communism. Hillarity ensue as Marx uses his spouts anachronistic communist axioms like "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" and "The Meek shall Inherit the earth" and "sell your possessions and give to the poor". Lots of hijinks like Marx going through tobacco withdrawal tries opium, and in a soporific haze starts flipping tables at the temple, a few Yuri scenes with Mary Magdalene, an episode about redistributing fish and loaves. Eventually her firery rhetoric and future knowledge enabled "miracles" attracts a great number of followers, to the dismay of a Shekel loving Rabbi and a hooknosed roman (also lolis) who conspire to stop him.
sounds interesting I don't think that anime is a good medium for it though
meant for >>157180567

So whens this coming out?
Might be better than Kimi no na wa
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In 3 days. Double that time for it to get subbed.
Wont it be subbed asap when UK gets their Itunes release?
Who's gonna sub it?

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>step sister
>physically dependent on your
>financially independent
is there a better waifu material?
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In the same show, even
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>>step sister
Not anymore, most likely.
No she is the [Prime Woman] you might not like it but this is a fact.

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Toradora! is the gold standard when it comes to love stories. Name another anime that's a better love story then Toradora!.

>protip, you can't.
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Most Overrated Bullshit Series Mainstream as fuck with a repulsive fanbase
Learn Spanish Mediocre Faggot
What the fuck was the ending? That one girl goes fucking nuts and suddenly the MC and brown haired girl here are in love. I can't actually remember if it was a natural ending because I've blocked 90% of the anime out of my mind.

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OL Cake.jpg
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How does /a/ feel about Office Lady (OLs) characters in Japanese Anime and/or Manga?

This is a thread to discuss your appreciation of Office Lady type characters that appear in various works of Japanese Anime and/or Manga.
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I feel like we need more glorious cakes.
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Cake and OL is like PB&J
Sadly it was only the first part of this manga.

I'm two episodes in and liking it. What was /a/'s reaction as it aired? Watashi is best girl?
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Yes and yes.

It's one of my favorite anime and Watashi is one of my favorite chaaracters, she is great.
Everyone wanted to fuck the nihilism out of watashi
It was AOTS.

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ITT: manga that changed your life.

Went from scrawny to hitting the gym at least five times a week.
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Now I know why I'd been feeling so empty.
Inb4 autistic newfag mods nuke this thread like the rest
Why the fuck would they nuke this?

Anyway, Kokou no Hito was one of the most inspiring manga that I've ever read.

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Is there such a thing as too much imouto?
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No you piece of shit.

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