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>The new cast of the upcoming K-on! sequel.
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>No samefaced blobs
Wow it could actually be watchable this time!
The one in the backround looks kinda like a Titan.
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Oh shit, it's Nodoka and Mio.

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Is this getting better at any point or everything was about the first episode we-keep-this-retard-unaware-of-her-mental-issues thing?
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Me on the left with the shovel
You have 5 girls and you had to pick the worst one
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The anime is shit, read the manga instead

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She was HOT as HELL.

What was her name again?
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spanish slut
Tsuneki and she had the best arc, sluthaters btfo
This girl doesn´t have as much fanart and she deserves.

She should have Shibuya Rin levels of fanart, she is just too hot.

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Is this any good? So far in it seems slightly above average but it also seems to be for little girls.
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Its really gay.
>seems to be for little girls

Where do you think you are?
It's alright, just do let fags ruin it like they did for me.

>TMNT cosplayer
>literal AIDs power
>muh flawed society
>forced edgy katana weeb shit

Manchild Garou from OPM has better character direction than this shit. If Shigi is the only other villain besides final boss AfO, im gonna drop the series. Seriously, were they trying to somehow appeal to the West with Stain?
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>Final boss
Looks like you need to pay some more attention. :^)

Also, Stain is like the exact opposite of a western appeal character. Edge is far less mocked in Nihon.
Please , don't mention almighty GAROU when you are talking about this thing
>implying they're gonna introduce a character that is stronger than a man who steals powers without reaching comic book levels of bullshit

Shigaraki isnt even considerable. Just because he's AfO's student doesnt mean he'll surpass or even reach similar threat levels. This isnt Star Wars

ITT: Times you were monkey paw'd

>i wish for Guts to get out of the boat
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I wanted to suck cock, but it didn't taste that great.
>western cartoons
Fuck off
Maybe you were sucking the wrong cock.

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Is this the worst example of battle school harem power fantasy? I seriously can't find a single redeeming aspect to this trash.

Mahouka at least had onii-sama's sheer ridiculousness and the interesting bullshit explanations. Rokudenashi has a fun protagonist. But this? The characters are some of the blandest the media has to offer, and so are their interactions. Why is it even popular?
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I don't even know what the hell battle harem means
Cus stella gets ploughed.
Hundred was much worse.

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Pick 3.
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Aocchi and Nenecchi are the best JCs
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count down to autosage
They are adult working women, not JCs.
What the fuck is JC

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I mean, it's certainly not a bad series, the plot is entertaining enough, but the characters don't have a real personality, I honestly don't care about them, and the keikakufest is becoming annoying (the last two plans, especially Ray's cliffhanger, seemed very forced).
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>the characters don't have a real personality
Every other chapter is mostly about muh feelings, you're retarded or didn't read it.
The series is 99% muh keikaku focused, you're retarded or didn't read it.
Thanks for confirming that you really didn't read it. Here's the latest chapter.


Count the pages about muh emotions and the ones about them discussing the pen. Exactly. You have autism.

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Specifically Nise and specifically about these books

Are all of the stories being translated?? I want to keep buying them but they keep on raising the fucking price. That's easily more than $100 for an entire collection if they translate all the books. What do??? Part 3 of Bake was also released without me noticing
This one also doesn't have Ko Ransom translating, will it still be good?
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christ this board moves fast
here's the new bake
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I was actually curious if the translations were good enough to warrant buying the books.
I haven't much looked into it.
They are, I read Kizu because a friend bought and I didn't find any problems with except Kiss-Shot's name. They just didn't hyphenate it and it irked me a bit.

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ITT: /a/ writes an anime plot

Special addition
>1. One anon writes a prologue
>2. Another anon replies with the epilogue
>3. Other anons try to connect them
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something something isekai INTO GIRLS?!?!?!
And that's how we saved KFC
Truck-san was a school bus (an all girls school mind you) this time, his only mistake was trying to take out an unsuspecting protagonist with plot armor. Truck-san tumbld and fell down a valley, instantly killing everyone... except it didn't. The girls who are lolis are reincarnated into the same exact human world as KFC employees, noticing the company on the brink of collapse they form an Idol group to save their beloved fried chicken!

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>meme release
haha no my friend
whynot, enjoy it, my love
The BMDV isn't even out on the regular site. Wait for better releases.

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Is this any good or just fujobait?
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Why would you even think it's fujobait at all?
Well it's a Jump SQ manga.
its good, be your own judge though anon.
ya sheep.

ITT: Shit characters that ruined the shows they're in.
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Without a question
Le pic unrelated face.
wrong character

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