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What I am hoping for but know sounds stupid and we will never get is Freeza reviving most of the older villains and leading into a war against earth, ROF but better. Cell, Freeza, Nappa, Raditz, Tao. How cool would that be? Maybe even King Piccolo, somehow, who'll finally fuse with Piccolo like that video game. I know Super 17 exists but, I mean, actually done right. He could revive them, and afterwards actually learn from his past mistakes and go off to train, a proper return of Tao, King Piccolo, and Cell would be awesome. Nappa and Raditz could come back too, maybe they wouldn't be killed but only locked up in U6. Golden Cell and Freeza. All the protagonists could fight their own villains, Tien could fight Tao, Gohan and androids against Cell, Goku and Vegeta against Freeza. Yamcha and Krillin against the two saiyans.
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Reminder that Vegeta genocided multiple planets
reminder you got BTFO in the last thread and ran to this one to hide
>you got BTFO

Stop posting Vegeta, we know what you did

What's the first (1st) thing that catches your eye?
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the deformed leg
Her facial expression, which indicates she's probably looking to drug me with the contents of that syringe.

>Anime takes place in the future

>Japanese people still exist
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Jeez anon, no need to be such a buzzkill
people can still dream y'know
Life expectancy is expected to rise sharply in the next decades.
Kill yourself.

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I activate Nobleman of Crossout and target your face down monster.
I play Pot of Greed and draw two cards.
Thank you Nobleman. Bakura almost got us there.

characters you think give amazing hugs
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definitely, I would hug Yui all day

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How do you feel about rather tall girls in anime?
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Good for putting into the background, when you don't feel like drawing houses or clouds.
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Nothing. Because these "tall" girls tend to not be very tall at all. Sure you can look at local or global average heights and make a judgement based on that but tall is and always will be subjective and dependant on your height. As someone who is 180cm a girl would have to be over 6 feet before I would consider them tall, which rarely happens.
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Good for being princess carried by.

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>Antagonist kills the Protagonist
>Becomes the new MC
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We have had this thread before.
>"Main Character" status is a tangible status in-setting, and people fight over its possession
I'd watch it
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>MC kills his lover interest
>becomes his own love interest

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>/a/- Anime & Manga
>99% anime

Care to explain?
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mods delete manga threads
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People are too busy reading and enjoying manga to come on here and shitpost about it. Anime watchers on the other hand, well, you know.
/a/ is full of secondaries and animeonly fags who can't read. Check Maidragon or Koe no Katachi threads for example.

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you will never have a cat girl lusting for you
Danmachi and Oratoria thread. why is the anime soo mediocre next to the source material??
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>wanting to be the target of sexual desires
It's bad enough that girls have vaginas. Now you want them to rub their vaginas on you?
The invention of the chastity belt remains one of the crowning achievements of human civilization and it's testament to the state of the world that they have fallen out of favor.
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>why is the anime soo mediocre next to the source material??
Oh yeah, this is the first time something like this is happening.
you are disgrace to Zeus

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I tought /a/ loved CGDCT and ecchi stuff, why isn't this more popular?
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I like it, but the character are not that interesting.
Also eating paper is not cute, it's disgusting,
It's not that popular in Japan either, seems to be bombing hard from what I saw.
is that cocoa?

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Why women are better at writing romance manga than men?
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not this shit again.jpg
I dunno op but check these dubs
There's a reason why your thread was deleted.

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Who else agrees that 1997 Griffith looks better than canon Griffith?
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Umakoshi is a better designer than Miura. Miura's characters have always looked wonky to me.
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Didn't he look like that before Miura art became a parody of itself?
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I agree. Not even meming.

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>inb4 show ends too quickly
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He isn't a vampire or somebody with connected destiny to the Joeastars.
It's because he was old and senile during that time.
Shitty writing.

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Whats /a/ opinion on this?
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One of the most notorious cases of a "side" couple being vastly more interesting than the main.
Very cute, decent ending.
I would have liked if Inari had switched positions with Uka but maybe I'm just a sucker for sad stuff.

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