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Show me a better opening
Ill wait

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not even funny
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Would if I could.

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Name 1 (one) single series where the first opening isn't the best one.

I'll wait.
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Code Geass
Eureka Seven

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Ayaka deserves happiness
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I'm conflicted, both cat and cow are too good to lose.
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Why do Best Girls never win?
Cat's still better.

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You can't just make /sci/ aware of her feelings like this. I doubt this actual progress will mean anything in the grand scheme of everything all things considered.

They won't reset this, right?
you know who wrote this right?

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Which one was better?
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Bakuman manga>Shirobako>Bakuman anime
Not even a contest. Shirobako is better. You can even tell just from the two pictures you posted.
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Doesn't matter since Kurobako was best

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The guys that appear in this anime are delinquents. Please, do not under any circumstances, imitate anything they do.
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Do you have a single fact to back that up?
They're enrolled at a school for delinquents.
Honestly they seem like perfectly respectable young men.
If anything, their loyalty and strong camraderie towards their own is nothing but commendable.

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iori drawing.jpg
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We all know what Iori's favorite hobby is, but is there any agreement regarding the other idol's are into?
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Being best idol is a fulltime job, not a hobby
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these two are vegetarians.
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Iori. The other idol's are into Iori.

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Slan is for _______
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Furious ejaculations

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musashi dough 157
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This is RuiRui, and he is my wife
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I fap to him being abused
I'm saving your thread only because I like him.
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I fap to her feminine bulge.

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Where do we draw the line when it comes to lolis and just girls? A certain size? Age? Mental maturity?
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Lolis are sexy females.
Non-sexy females are called old hags.
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A main appeal for characters drawn to be attractive is that morality doesn't have to come into play. Thus, there is no line.

If a fictional character makes you hard, then it's an acceptable fuck friend for you at an undeniably visceral level. Deep, deep down, beyond any and all filters put up in response to potential negative reactions. After all, you don't need to restrain your physical urges for the sake of right or wrong, or because of what your friends, family or the legal authorities might think of it, when you're alone in a room.

Think about that for a minute. Then go through some doujins, starting with vanilla and ending with whatever it is you consider to be the most morally repugnant tag out there.

The line is the one you can't fap to.
this is a reasonable answer

Why is battle shonen such a shit genre?
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Because we haven't had a good one in ages, i haven't read the manga for this but holy shit this has got to be THE WORST, tournament arc i have ever seen.

No interesting character drama, the only two characters with any kind of drama or build up won't even fight each other.
There are no stakes what so ever, you can't even kill your opponents in this tourney(baby ass hero setting)

No interesting fight choreography, super generic powers, no surprises, and average at best animation. AT LEAST throw in a bit of sakuga to make the fights visually pleasing because this script is shit.
Hero Academia is overrated but the mangaka knows how to make a powerful scene. Too bad the rest is mediocre.
it's been done too many times, it's too formulaic (despite the hilarious claims by bnha autists this is some sort of original take on it) and lately it feels more and more like it's tailored for yaoi landwhales what's with the bitchboy mc sucking the abusive rival's dick

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This is the peak British specimen, you may not like it, but this is what peak Britishness looks like.
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I thought GBR was being dissolved now. Will she be ripped apart as well?
Karen is best
Karen is shit.

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inb4 "need more (insert waifu here)"
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In my mind, Hina still could have won. Hata never showed her being rejected, and the hand holding with nagi doesn't mean anything, they could just be good friends.
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Sorry, the only thing she won was fat old men cock.
I need evidence to believe your claim
>Hina from Hayate no Gotoku
>imply anyone still watching this terrible manga

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