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What is her character trope
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Not every character has to have a defining trope.
Yamato nadeshiko.
Not really

>borderline psycho
She's feminine and wears kimonos but that's it. Nadeko is (was?) more of yamato nadeshiko than Tsukihi.

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>C'mon infidel, Jizya ain't gonna pay itself
Wat do?
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Well, you can always, like, convert, you know

Also, jizya is only enforced on christian or jew (and maybe zoroastrian and other minor abrahamic religion). Straight up pagan worship will meet an instant death
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>Well, you can always, like, convert, you know
Into the Janissary fuccboi corps you go
>Straight up pagan worship will meet an instant death
then why ottoman empire allowed tengriist?
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Mecha is the most creative and artistic genre of anime. Patlabor makes it boring and mundane. FAIL

Also the girls are ugly.
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Mecha is a fucking shit genre are you kidding me?
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How is this still going
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author pads the living hell out of the manga
storylines never get resolved
mc has a bunch of title defenses
Is Morikawa bad mangaka?

Would a bad mangaka manage to keep a series alive for 100+ volumes? He could probably be living on the fact that he mentored Miura, his reputation is pretty good, and that he sells comparatively well for a manga of that length.

ITT: Times where best girl won
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But no one won in TLR
I wish.

She is my wife Yui. Say something nice about her.
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Moka is better
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This nigga gets it.

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Why isn't femdom more common in anime?
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It is common in shitty forms like hateful abuse and other shitty things full of malice, unfortunately what's not common is loving assertiveness and domination. Also because both female and male main characters need to be as meek as possible for some reason.
Because life is suffering.
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gentle femdom.png
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I like mine gentle.

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Is there such a thing as an anime "too smart" for it's own good?
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Phantom World was picking apart terrible writing and showing the audience why it doesn't work. Phantom World is genius and the greatest deconstructive work of the decade.
good meme
>tfw to smart to dislike Phantom World

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Reminder that everything he makes is incredibly low-brow and cancerous but since Gainax references them they are considered classics.
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>incredibly low-brow and cancerous
Most anime is like that. What is your point.
But everything Gainax makes is incredibly low-brow and cancerous
Correct. Only Gainaxfags care about Go Nigger

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yep, its fine. mods do not need to delete this great thread
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Who's the cutest loli?
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>needing to keep these shitty loli threads up 24/7

I'm gonna have to assume that lolicon is, indeed, an illness.
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>Oh noes its too long I don't want to start it I mean what if I don't like it I wasted HOURS of my life and if I like it I have to watch the rest!
LoGH isn't that long, I don't understand all the fuss regarding it's length.
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It's just babbies that care about how many series they've watched so they can go on general threads and "brag"
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Threadly reminder
110 episodes i close to all the anime I watch in two seasons. So pretty much half a years worth of anime time invested in one show. That's a lot no matter how you look at it.

[/spoiler]LotGH was worth every minute of it though.

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Pure girls being officially lewded
pic heavily related
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She wanted Jamal.
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Why did Berserk turn into Little Witch Academia?
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Don't use emoticons on /a/.
Don't tell him what to do.
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>Your waifu has been magically transformed into a car or other vehicle

What do?
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Ride her.
Shut up Anthy. You are worst girl and worst car.
stick my dick into her exhaust pipe

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Got it as a birthday gift from my best friend. What should I expect?
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>What should I expect?
He wants something in return. If you don't give him anything for his birthday, he might demand sexual favors. You better be careful.
Sadness. Laughter. Feelings. Punpun.

Expect to have a short contemplation on the state of your life after every volume OP. And that's a good friend.
Damn, I'm a neet with diagnosed depression. I guess he is really a good friend than.
Hope I won't kill myself after finishing it since it sounds sad af from your words.

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