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Would you consider wearing subtle anime clothing?
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I already do
I want to FUCK Sagiri-chan.

No.Fuck off. I want to share my autism with everyone.

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Which one is better, Love Live or [email protected]?
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LL is a better show, with better music.

[email protected] has better waifus.
Love Live.
Idolmaster is just pedo bait.
Aren't they basically the same thing?

Code Gokkun
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Sword Art Offline
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Fullmetal Autist
Inferno Cow

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This is happening rather quickly, can we expect her to rape him soon?
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It's been like 2 years and this hasn't gone anywhere, i'm starting to get bored.
the author already spoiled endgame in one of their chapters.
>chapters upon chapters of just teasing
It hasn't gone anywhere, and I bet it won't anytime soon. This series could be the new detective conan in the sense that the author can come up with teasing scenarios for 20 years because the chapters don't add anything to the overall plot of the story.

Yes, i'm getting sick of Takagi-san as well. It was cute when it started, now it's insipid and repetitive. If I wanted to get disappointed with no plot progression i'd go read tomo-chan.

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Troll line, everyone below it is troled
Troll line ends here, you're safe to proceed without being troled

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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One day...png
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I hate it.
I am the fin of my fish.

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Don't forget her, /a/
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I will never forget her

>nu fone, hu dis?
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notto disu shitto again

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I am currently watching Youjo Senki and I am wondering, what are some good military animes out there ?

I really liked the actual battle sequences at the first episodes
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Can't say there are a whole lot.

If nothing else, GATE doesn't sink into medieval period apologist bullshit. Modern weaponry is allowed to be superior even to magic, in which way it's also far more realistic than Ayy Antigravity Ski Gunwitches Lmao.
I wanted to find some too, but I'm just gonna wait for a continuation bud
>rec thread

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Woop woop
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[Title is 'Shyness']
Uchimura Chiaki
Year 2 class 4
Kana-chan's boyfrend. If I had to say something, he'd be the boke.
Iijima Kana
Year 2 class 4
Chiaki-kun's girlfriend. If I had to say something, she'd be the tsukkomi.

Other couples
Burn my eyes.

We have a good relationship too...
"So passionate"
"Shall we link arms?"

"No no!!"
"Too much, too much!!"
"Let's stop!! Let's stop!!
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"So like"
"Aren't you embarrassed about flirting and stuff?"
"I get it"
"You think it doesn't suit us"

"I mean it's not like I mean to be cold"
"No, Chiaki-shi"
"I'm the one who's cold"

"Hey heeeeey!!"

"We just kinda slip this stuff in outta nowhere"
"I get you"

"Do you wanna flirt or something?"
"We came all the way to Okinawa"

"Okay then"
"How about we have a kiss picture"
"To commemorate this?"

"Say something!!"
"I couldn't think of anything funny"
"Why're you trying to say something funny!!"
"I... I mean...!!"
>almost had sex
>can't link arms

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It's not the show in OP's pic that's for sure.

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>Manga about a cute drunk OL


The cocktail recipes are neat too.
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The world needs more house husbands.
dude alcohol lmao
dude im so mature not enjoying a glass of red wine which has proven health benefits lmao


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Gas Gas Gas is superior
Misfiring system a shit.
??? ??? ?? ?? ????
??? ??? ?? ?? ?????
???? ????, ?
???'? ???? ?????

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I want to message her
Life's boring when all you get is spammed.
not enough dicks to suck

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QUALITY thread
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Why is she so big?
>Tags: Leg lock, Giantess, exhibition
Why is she peeking on them having sex?

Childhood is when you think Homura did nothing wrong. Adulthood is when you just want to forget these things and spend a cozy, peaceful afternoon with Mami-san.
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That's the spirit. Keep your head up high.
Madoka was 6 years ago.

But I've wanted to do that with Mami since first watching Madoka, best girl.

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