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Well done, Makoto Shinkai, well done...

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A poorly adapted manga, with blatantly forced drama, and a unlikable shit cast, that got obliterated by your name.
What ever will he do, his unfinished movie is unbeatable, oh the horror, shinkai probably can't even sleep at night!
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>I should have used more instagram filters
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>meme non linear storytelling
Only ADHD autitsts will like this.
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>Only ADHD autitsts will like this.
So basically the majority of KyoAni's fanbase?
>implying people watch kyoani for the plot
I just hope the story turns out to be somewhat bearable.
I've heard people compared the story to Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde, and it already won some serious literature awards. Sasuga Kyoani.

>it's a recap episode
This is not unocle
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Recap this week?
Unfortunately, yes.
Good, I'm still two episodes behind

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Why isn't there a manga board?
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Why aren't LNs and WNs allowed on /a/?
This is the manga board, you goof.
Because /a/ exists and manga and anime have a lot of overlap due to a sizeable portion of anime being adapted from manga. If you wanted a board just for manga that don't have anime adaptations you'd be left with fuck all for topics and would have a dead board. Getting your own board wouldn't magically make people more interested in reading less popular manga, if your threads fall off of /a/ in less than a day all having their own board would do is let them linger with under 100 posts for weeks before expiring.

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Post smiles you want to protect
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He is smiling in heaven now
Yours, anon
yeah I made up my mind, can we go back to not having images again?

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After damn fucking year, most favorite romantic manga on /a/, is finally back!
First ten pages already leaked!

Unfortunately NTR is full coming.
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I'm ready to fap
Chapter soon, Jag was trying to dump it but the board shit itself

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ITT: characters that are canonically ugly
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You're waifu.
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Text summary in next post
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- A sudden hole opened, they fell in it .
- something about the fauna and the flora inside
- But emma & the others children can't climb so they're looking for an other exit.
- something about the corpse of a beast
- something about roots attacking children.
- they can't burn them in order not to be spotted due to the smoke.
- Emma took a book , there's some plants descriptions in it.
- it's an adventure novel from Minerva one of the 2 books mentioned in OP
>others children
Eh? They find other kids or children = Ray, Emma, Thoma and a little retard?
- Emma was dragged onto her belly and a large chasm suddenly appears at her feet. She falls inside and finds herself in a cave with all of the missing children.

- The cave has no vegetation or insect life at all. Emma found quickly found that it would be impossible to climb up the steep walls of the stone, so instead she starts looking around the back end of the cave for an exit. She finds small flowers that grow only in the few spots of sunlight that reach the cave from the surface. Emma is so engrossed with a flower at the base of a large tree trunk that she takes a moment to see the dried up animal carcasses hanging from the tree.

- She judges their situation and believes that the underground cave was a feeding ground used by an unknown plant that preyed on animals.

- The roots of the tree attack the children. Emma takes one of Minerva's books out of a bag. She reads a page of the Encyclopedia that says that the smoke from a fire could help Ray (?) find them, but that smoke would attract their demonic pursuers. In the Encyclopedia there also seems to be a description about the plant life form that is attacking them. This book was one of the covers that Emma didn't know the Morse Code written on it, William Minerva's Survival and Adventure Story.

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Senpai or sempai?
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ahhh, itedakimasu kouhai? ohayou
*tl note this is an illegal move in chess
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>Inanimate being that takes forms of previously dead and or objects to be animate or not is now able to grow/develope a previous form that had otherwise died without such growth.

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>mfw knowing Gugu is going to die and become another part of Fushi

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Androids 17 and 18 have started wreaking havoc in the world of the last anime you watched- can your protagonist defeat them?
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Honestly, I really don't think so. Clockwork planet lolis seem mostly build for fan service and not actual fighting ability.

They can slow time though so maybe they could take the androids apart while they couldn't move.
what if the last show is DBZ?
Boku no pico

I'd say serve them right

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Saki Chapter 175 leaks. Also, Ako's birthday.
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Ryuuka butt
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Yuan ronned by Sera
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May 17 = Atarashi Ako's birthday

So, did Kerry know he was fucking a nine year old?
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>Irisviel had almost the same reactions Ilyasviel had when she explored the Emiya estate

Bravo Nasu
what is that around her mouth on the bottom image?

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What is /a/s opinion on waifulets?
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You seem to have used "waifu" to mean favourite female anime or manga character out of a certain series. Oops!

Don't worry, I've got your back. I suggest that you should learn what it means, by lurking more. Alternatively you could visit a a website more suited to your kind, for example r/anime.

Thanks for reading!
>go to movie
>queue with waifulet
>"no, this is mai waifu'
that's what it's always meant though, newfag

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Time for your prostate examination anon~
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Y-you don't use needles for a prostate exam
>prostate examination
>no gloves and medical mask
Says who? I feel something piercing me whenever my doctor puts his two hands on my shoulders and gives me a prostate exam.

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