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>Goku would rather ask his wicked nemesis that has every reason to want to dick him over and nothing to lose for help than his old friend Yamcha
Yamcha bullying has ascended to a level beyond Super Saiyan Blue

Also this is for (You)
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First for best Kaioshin.
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yamchafags on suicide watch
freeza isn't actually coming back

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Post girls only YOU like
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People don't understand her charm.
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Why is he getting hit? She was the one being a bitch.
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Doesn't matter, the point of this scene wasn't showing neither of them being wrong.
Double standards. Apparently in the age of equality, a bitch can still belt a guy whenever she feels like it but he's not allowed to break her cheekbone in return.
>Why is he getting hit?
You already answered that.
>She was the one being a bitch.

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Shinka is looking for a fight
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Wanna go?
You obviously wanna suck what a real man has so get down on your knee and suck every last drop of my cum until my dick is drain, NOW.

Spoilers for upcoming light novel vol 9. Sagiri and Masamune officially dating and announced it to their guardian, their Aunt

Synopsis in Japanese:
 先輩作家の草薙から、酔った過ちで危険なLINEを誤射してしまったことを相談されたマサムネと国光。彼の家に現れた人物とは? そして獅童国光渾身の新作小説の内容とは?
 叔母の京香に紗霧との新たな関係を報告したマサムネ。だが京香の返答は意外なもので……。氷の表情の裏に隠された京香の複雑な思いとは――? 和泉兄妹に京香がずっと隠してきた「秘密」がついに明かされる!
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According to the synopsis, their guardian has something big to tell them both. She kept this as a secret from them.
>they are actually blood related
Perhaps something regarding their parents....

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Is her name Popura or Poplar?
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Poutpurri, but said with Jamaican accent.

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I decided to start the Warau Salesman old anime because I was immensely enjoying the new one, AOTS for sure in my opinion. The old one manages to be even better, with more adult shenanigans and a very creepy atmosphere. What do you guys think of my boy Moguro?
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Despite being evil, it's impossible to hate him.
He is very charismatic for some reason.
I've been taught, "If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all"

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>The cake is by default best girl in any anime
Why is this allowed? Why would Abe-san encourage men to go for old hags rather than fertile young 'uns?
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>>The cake is by default best girl in any anime
I think that's just your fucked up tastebuds. Read more loli doujinshi to help heal the damage. Maybe it's not too late for you.
>Sakura Quest
>THE cake
>old hag

Kill it with fire.

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> Fairy Tail Creator Teases 'Lots of Plans' Even After Manga Ends
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Since when has Mashima planned out anything?
He means porn.
That's the only thing I could believe.
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It's rare but sometimes he does. Also if he's saying that that must mean the Anime is returning probably, looking at how they teased the Spriggan in the last movie.

I'm mostly just waiting for more extra chapters like the Christmas one.

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Its halfway into the season, you guys should have a solid understanding of what you enjoy by now.

Show me your personal taste

Eromanga Sensei
DanMachi Sword Princess
Rokudenashi Akashic Record
Tsuki ga Kirei

>Okay tier
Renai Boukun

Eromanga sensei
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>Top 3
Frame Arms Girl
Alice to Zouroku
Sakura Quest
>Shameless fap material
Eromanga Sensei

> Enjoyable

Eromanga Sensei
Rokudenashi Akashic Record
Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism
Hero Academia Season 2


Renai Bouken


Shingeki no Bahamut Slut Edition
Danmachi Yuri Edition
Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL
The King's Avatar
Shingeki no Bahamut

Pic related for me
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>not sleeping in a dark and quiet room
It's like you hate yourself.
Jokes aside, "Someday in the Rain" it's such a comfy episode, I always watch it to fall sleep when I can't.

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Learn the difference
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Seinen > Shoujo > Shounen
>no Aishiteruze Baby / Amaama / Yotsuba (and a josei category for Usagi)
Missed opportunity.
I remember Shugo Chara being more action oriented and not that girly despite the cast. Could I be remembering wrong? Even so, she was one hell of a good character design.

I want to fuck this gun what do
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Shove your dick into a pencil sharpener until it fits into the barrel.
Buy an M1a
Buy an M1A, yeah


Why is Kanna Thunderthigh best chorogon?
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Kanna's thighs are very thin in that image.
Dragons are worth 55 000 XP, which are awarded every time you lay them. Being in a relationship with a dragon is to level-grinding what a vibrator is to a cactus.
>fat ugly faceless men
What fucking shit.

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Which anime girl personality would make the best real life girlfriend?
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I self-insert as Ritsu when she takes Mugi out in Summer Classes
depends on personal preference.
personally I think that clumsy deredere is the best match
someone like himeji from bakatest before she turned into a yandere bitch.
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