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Just got finished watching this.
So what the fuck did the ending mean?
Did Saki just not change anything in her fucked up society? Did they keep their old ways of killing kids they saw as a threat along with all the brainwashing and hypnosis?

I actually did forget about that other girl that was with the main 5 at the beginning of the show holy fuck. That really fucked me up.
I wasn't paying attention enough and by half way through I realized that girl was missing from Group 1. I can't even remember her name
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zoom zoom
Aslo what happened to Maria and Mamoru? It wasn't really made clear
Were they killed or did they die of natural causes?
The former. Squealer killed them.

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Kiritsugu looking cool.jpg
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Like him or hate him, you can't deny that Kiritsugu was a FAR more interesting protagonist than Shirou.
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not really
More interesting? Nope.

He's definitely less prone to being unlikable though. A dark, tragic mature hero, who's willing to do the dirty work, clad in all black, who mainly uses guns is definitely more appealing than a sword autist who's idealistic to a fault. Especially in anime, and to westerners.
nope. he was a failure

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Does /a/ still hate me?
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Never did. It's obvious that a normal girl winning was the only logical way to end his character arc
It's not that I hate you. It's just that it ended in an incomplete note.
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>write an entire unnecessary arc with time travel and shit
>just to retcon best girl winning

>ywn bully someone with Ueno
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>ywn bully Ueno
She deserves to get raped.
>ywn rape Ueno

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Anime original edition

Hard mode: science fiction or science fantasy premise is required
Harder mode: the premise should sound unique regardless of execution
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I'll start:

Quallum: Butterfly Threat (蝶の脅威 クアラム)

In the near future, large flying quailed creatures with high-speed abilities approprietly named Quallum (クアラム) invades Earth at midnight as a result of a failed experimentation involving the fusion breeding of threatened butterfly species into female humans whose goal is to save the world from a potential weapon of destruction. The cross-shaped archipelago of Kamdo (四夢島) located in the central part of Pacific Sea situated between the two hemispheres comprises four islands and an titular academy city to the center. Female human students are raised to be superheroines combatting problems that plague society in general such as crime, arson and even enforced disappearances and are equipped with scantily-clad armed suits patterned after rare butterfly species. Aoi Seiten (晴天アオイ), a socially awkward freshman student with below average grades, save an helicopter hosting three pilots from a Quallum, unaware that she actually achieved superhuman skills after a dozen of failed missions. Following her first completed mission, Aoi meet a mysterious transfer student Kurenai Akatsuki (暁クレナイ) that gradually changes her life, and Kiino Hiruhoshi (昼星キイノ), her long forgotten childhood friend. Together they form a team that will gradually gain trust each other and as they befriend the bespectacled Midori Joryoku (常緑ミドリ) and the top-class student Murasaki Yuyami (夕闇ムラサキ), they unite a very difficult plan to investigate the surrounding mysteries of the archipel and faces numerous challenges against the impending Quallum apocalypse.

It will be released in late 2020 to commemorate Summer Olympics held in Tokyo.
The show will contain 12 episodes and will tell a linear plot that will slowly reveal things about Quallum and the girls wearing armors patterned after butterflies. First five episodes focus on the main five characters and around episode six will include a twist midway. The remainder will focus on the origins of Kamdo Island and the Quallum apocalypse is the story's version of the Walpurgis Night.
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The deus ex machina is aliens, so don't have to explain shit.

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What's up with all this lewd shit lately?

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Are you complaining about it?
pure autism
I bet it's a trap. It just gotta be

Does everyone lose to the dick?
Even the Empress?
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best girl
Blind girl is immune because she can't see D
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bi mc.jpg
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She loses by getting spirit punched in the chest and growing breasts.

Can love bloom between a woman and a girl /a/?
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You're gonna have to show me some more pictures before I can make a judgement.
That's a girl and a younger girl
Women are incapable of loving people.

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These are the most iconic heroes of Jump. How does this make you feel?
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Pretty good line up. Surprised Naruto isn't there.
No Nart or Detergent. Shocking, really.
Amazing lineup.

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I just started episode 5 of ReCreators and so far my biggest complaint is this exposition-dumping bullet train of a character. I'm 4 minutes in and she's already finished taking a huge ass breath so she can spend 30 minutes explaining everything. Can I expect less of her voice in later episodes? She's literally incapable of speaking for less than 3 minutes at a time and it's really annoying.
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I would like to hear more of her voice if anything.
Well if you got to episode 4 without dropping the show in disgust then you might as well keep going.
They call it the sunk cost fallacy but it's not really a fallacy.
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In a perfect world, Meteora voices and act every character on the show.
You only see her with different clothes to match the other guys.

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please don't post my wife
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And what if I do?

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Readfag come on in!
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A gay mc makes girls fall in love with him unintentionally after he comforts them after a breakup or helping them for too long. He then makes even lesbians fall in love with him. And he still can't make men have similar feelings for him. Things get out of hand with women falling in love with him as they start harassing him to start a relationship with them. He becomes slowly broken by the girls to the point he is now the women's "milk" slave. All he wanted to do was stick his meat within another man, now his meat belongs to women.
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Fantasy series where only women exist and people are born from seeds of a giant tree no dark souls reference intended. Everyone gets a skill at birth which vary and range vastly; essentially determining their place in society. The MC is the first male to be born in a thousand years but his skill is [misogyny: sexual arousal inflicts berserk]. Once he is born: the giant tree dies and stops producing seeds. Having lost the only birth method, and with the only male unable to breed with women, the world is thrown into a state of chaos. He grows up and goes on a quest to cure his curse or/and restore the giant tree to prevent the extinction of the human race.
Romance anime about the misadventures of MC trying to confess to the girl he likes. Plot involves parallel worlds, alternate selves, and communication devices.

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not this week's cover.jpg
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Issue 26:
Hinomaru Zumou (Cover, Lead CP)
Boku no Hero Academia
One Piece
Kimetsu no Yaiba (CP)
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
Alice to Taiyou (CP, One Shot)
Black Clover
Shokugeki no Souma (CP)
The Promised Neverland
Saiki Kusuo no Sainan
Boku-tachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Dr. Stone
Samon-kun wa Summoner
Spring Weapon Number One
Poro no Ryuugaku-ki
Harapeko no Marie
Isobe Isobee Monogatari

Issue 27:
Cover, Lead CP: Black Clover
CP: Boruto, Boku-tachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai, Dr. Stone
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01 Hero Academia c.132
02 One Piece c.861
03 Robot c.003
04 Yuna c.057
05 Black Clover c.104
06 Neverland c.033
07 Saiki c.238
08 Haikyu c.248
09 Bokuben c.009
10 Gintama c.629
11 Dr.Stone c.005
12 Samon c.075
13 No.01 c.023
14 Poro c.007
15 Marie c.006
16 U19 c.008
>BokuBen 9th
Nice, what chapter would that make it?

ITT: the worst MCs in animu/mango
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I've seen jellyfish with a harder spine
Agreed, but 99% of male LN protags are fucking shit.
all beta male mc are bad

This puts Madoka Magica to shame. Way more brutal. Just marathoned it and loved it yet have never seen anyone post about it here.

If a cute creature asks you to be a magical girl, you say NO! You'll thank me.

Magical Girl Raising Project thread.
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top speed.jpg
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best girl
What's the point? If I wanted to see pointless suffering I'd just turn on the news.
You don't see it because s2 never also madoka is better

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