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Create a Nen ability that can defeat Goku and/or Saitama.
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The ability is called "Instant Death For Overpowered Characters" and it causes instant death to overpowered characters.
Nen ability that is similar to Touma except it affect not only his right hand but his whole body.
nigga just use a stand and be done with it.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BhlUACTsck once you know the secret of the world

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A few weeks ago I finished watching the first season of K-On! and all I have to say that it is amazing. Great music, great moe, and it's just fucking hilarious. If season 2 and the movie can keep this up, it's going to join Madoka Magica and Samurai Champloo as the only titles I've given a 10/10. Where has this been all my life?
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>Rating Madoka and K-On 10/10

Hoo boy, prepare your anus.
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He's not wrong though?
Look, /a/non, you're going to have to deal with the fact that most of this board has shit taste.

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Friendly reminder that Ero Manga Sensei anime series takes place in 2017, MC was born in 2001 and Kirino is 20 years old.

The imouto is older than everyone.
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>kids born after 9/11 are now starring in anime

there are people in college right now who don't remember 9/11

we're old, anon-kun.
Wait, so the Ero-Manga Sensei MC is Kirino's son?

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Where would you take Shion on a date?
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I don't know but I know she was the best girl with the best VA.
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Wait is she going to bite into the paper? Why is she such a veracious eater? Someone stop her!


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Why did she go from pure to slut so fast?
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Couldn't handle the dick desu
Is actually an accurate portrayal of women
That's show business baby.

At what point would you have drawn the line, /a/? How far would you go before you would finally end yourself if you were in Punpun's shoes?

Oyasumi Punpun Thread
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When best girl died
Near that chapter where punpun loses his fucking mind and ruins his life over breaking a promise.
I would have turned that crazy bitch to the police when she killed her mom

Man the opening for XD is fucking hype
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At least they didn't make the logo cancerous

Fuck off.

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Some licensed manga released today.

>Fairy Tail 535 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>Fuuka 155 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>The Seven Deadly Sins 217 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>To Your Eternity 024 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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Thank you anon

Did Danke ever upload the first two Yowamushi Pedal omnibuses? I swear they were on madokami at one point but I can't find them or any posts in the archive about it.

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bolt: naruto jr is a good show
>decent character designs
>interesting story with good pacing (so far)
>no sexual tension with male rival
>no useless female lead
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Why do you people equate some canadian shitposters spam as "the popular opinion"?
>naruto without sasuke is a lot better
really makes you think...
I mean, it's fine if those are your opinions, as long as you understand that they're wrong.

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>Kanto Tournament Final
>Seigaku vs. Raikkaidai
>Seigaku lost the first 2 matches but then won the next 2
>In the last match Ryoma started losing 1-5 but won 7-5

>National Tournament Final
>Seigaku vs. Raikkaidai
>Seigaku lost the first 2 matches but then won the next 2
>In the last match Ryoma started losing 0-4 but won 6-4

Why is this allowed?
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Gotta milk it as much possible my dude. Plus Ryoma is the ultimate Gary Stu.

And to say the display of absurdity during the matches is nothing compared to shin...
>muh muga no kyouchi and its doors

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Why are you not bowing to your Queen?
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I didn't vote for her
She's a queen you dip.
Not until I fuck her in the ass

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Still my favorite jobber
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It's hard to think someone's cool when you just feel terrible for them. Friendly reminder that he will sail the stars and discover galaxies unknown for eternity, but will never get the one thing he truly wants.

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Left or right?
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Fuck you all.
I want to stick something into that ass crack.

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Subs in 30 minutes.
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Soulja Boyを見てみましょう
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What does this face convey?
I gotta say, the way that Yusaku was described all those months ago and the way he actually is now doesn't really match, and I'm glad for it.
I was expecting a shy inexperienced doofus and instead we got someone closer to Yusei.

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