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>Please come in. Welcome to Quindecim.

What do you do?
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Order a lot of drinks and drink them fast. I'm going to need it before I go to oblivion.
turn 360 degrees and WHOOOOOOOAAAAAAOOOOH
Lots of drinks.

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people actually think this was better?!
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Better than what?
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Was the scrotum chin on purpose?

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ITT: Shows only you love.
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The first 3 episodes were great.
The next 3 were okay, but not as good as the first part.
The rest wasn't that great.
I liked this too, anon.
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The best DxD

Ashes a shit
Coke a shit
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I don't even watch the show and i know you are wrong
Ravioli, ravioli, don't dick the loli
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>don't dick the loli
Are you a homosexual?

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Raphi on the front page
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when is Raphi gonna show up in Satania's new show? Lucifer keeps on hogging all the screentime.
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5 minutes

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New chapter surprisingly early, enjoy it while it last.
What the fuck is Tsubaki endgame? And of course Koyama was going to be a bitch.
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What's wrong with that? Newfag here.
yep very wrong

crop that shit out at least next time

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>You will never be this alpha
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No, but I can be this cute.
but I'm more alpha
Why would he do that in public?

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This manga just keeps getting better and better.
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What a fucking bitch she is.
Kill that slut.

>the isekai genre has gotten so bad, totally unrelated manga are mocking it
I'd still read that though.
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>If you hold weapons in both your hands, you can fight two opponents at once!!

Really drums your cerebellum
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I will never be able to read Light Novels. Some of you guys always say how much better the source material is, but getting to it would mean to suffer through this shitty prose.
well it is exaggerated in this manga page, but yeah LNs are pretty trash. the translations don't help much either and I dont think the nuances are portayed very well

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Who is your favourite anime director and why isn't it Shinichiro Watanabe?
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It's Shinkai desu
Because Yuasa exists

kenji nagasaki mate. really enjoy champloo and and dandy tho

Just finished watching it and wanted to know what /a/ thought of it. Considering how there hasn't been any threads about it I guess it was well liked but not really that impressive for everyone.
Personally i thought it was pretty creative story and had interesting ideas but it could have had at least one more episode to flesh out the characters and world .Overall a good show with great animation(even if they overused the CGI at the end). Although it sucks how Bell died and Nonoko didn't realized it until probably later. Bell never confessed to her but at least they showed us that she would die not long after.
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Shit animation and writing
Thought it looked and was written like shit. The short was better.
This, in a way. I think the writing was bad, although a decent and lots going on helped. As for how it looked the CGI was, as always, eyecancer and I was always pissed off that they changed the character designs from the short. All in all it was wasted potential, when I first heard it was going to be made I was excited but every subsequent piece of information about it stripped that away, when I finally started watching it I was neutral and by the end I was ambivalent at best.

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Is she right?
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>how about you fight reality every do often?
Seems like it should be "so often".
glad to see the watamote lady representing the light novel medium in a 100% authentic fashion

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How do you feel about anime girls with muscles? Has any anime inspired any of you to get off your ass and go to the gym?
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>How do you feel about anime girls with muscles?
As long they are gyarus I can accept everything, just make a shonen about gyarus or an isekai about gyarus or more things with gyarus really.
I like anime girls with muscles

shame Danberu doesn't
Gyms are stupid and expensive

nothing that you can't find in nature in those sweaty hellholes

except TV, I guess

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Best JC this season?
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Fuck off with this shit meme
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WEG Thread
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Wheres the template buddy
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