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Your sister brings home her friend from school. What do you do?
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Fug her ass
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So lewd Anon
Fuck my (cuter) sister

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Arguably the payoff for the entire arc, this fight establishes the importance of Gon and Killua’s friendship, the dangerous nature of the Zoldyck family, and sets into motion many of the series later events.’99 often likes to use POV shots to involve the audience more intimately in the fights. During his match with Killua, we get a strong sense of what kind of a person Illumi is.

Now look at the 2011 version. Who is this clown and why should we care?? Is he supposed to be threatening? Because nothing in this scene effectively conveys that. The lack of POV shots is doubly problematic, not just in their absence but in how nothing meaningful replaced them. They couldn’t have phoned in Illumi’s introduction more. Worse yet, instead of the visceral images of ’99, 2011 uses a generic hypnotic spiral to signify Illumi’s control over his brother.

2011′s terrible soundtrack makes this scene even worse. While ’99′s OST is often fitting, very much so during the Illumi fight, 2011 uses a lot of out of place electric guitar riffs. I couldn’t help but think the 2011 Illumi is supposed to be some jaded hair metal bassist instead of a ruthless killer. Why is this allowed?
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Another brilliant HxH thread.
what's wrong with my post?
the fact it's the same damn thread over and over

god hxhfags are obnoxious they're just as bad as DBfags

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For me, it's Akane Tsunemori
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I think that's her name in general, not just for you.
the best fast food sandwich
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Why didn't this dumb bitch do anything to expose the government and the sybil system, does she not realize she is complicit in perpetuating tyrrany, the destruction of human rights and the sanctity of the human mind?

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Is Vinland Saga /a/ approved?
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I don't think that there are any manga without anime adaptations that /a/ does not approve of.
except the NTR ones
>needing others to validate your interests
Go be a sheep on reddit. Or be happy with being able to enjoy shows that others dislike.

Also sage.

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This is Takane she is better than 98% of the Idolmaster CG sluts!
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Isn't there around 250 CGs? If so, you're saying there are around 5 girls better than Takane? Name them.
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Well, you got close to the truth

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Why are anime protagonists always antisocial virgin retards?
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>corean shit
Because that's its core fanbase
Japanese and Koreans are basically the same damn thing

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God this was stupid. And pointless.

Still, would merrill in Merrill's merrill.
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Also, have a best girl.
(I wanted the pic of her wearing 50 dresses at once, but was too lazy to screen cap it. Oh well, this will do.)
>not Genie

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is Saitama the most powerful anime?
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his signature ability is literally abbreviated OP

the entire point of this character's existence is to be the most powerful, humorously so
Yes. He exists to be the one character in all of media that could beat Sans.

Also SS is a meme

As someone whos always lived in a big city the idea of living in the country side is charming. How the comfy feeling last if I moved there?
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A couple of hours. Then the slow internet speeds will make you regret it.
It's not going to last.
Folks in the countryside hate city-folks with passion, you'll quickly get crucified

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We all love Leone, right?
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I don't.
Mine > Leone > Akame > Chelsea > Essudesu

Why is DEEN the best studio?
Urusei Yatsua
Angel's Egg
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Ranma 1/2
Giant Killing
Seitokai no Ichizon
Yami to Boushi
You're Under Arrest
Maison Ikkoku
Patlabor OVAs
Read or Die OVA
Trust and Betrayal
Touka Gettan
Fruits Basket
Korean Zombie
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Why'd you put crap like KonoSuba, Giant Killing, and Rakugo there?
Well Rakugo and Giant Killing were good. KonoSuba was to trigger people
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Zipang and ROD sequel when?

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This man is your enemy.
This man works againts america.
This man killed thousands of our soldiers.
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>implying I'm a burger
I really liked this movie.

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She counts, right?
why did the girls act like such 2 faced cunts? do girls really act like this in real life?
What does S stand for?

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>The most cathartic and climactic scene in the entire series and movie
>a straight up plagiarism of 'Hey Jude' plays



why the FUCK is this allowed? i literally couldn't stop laughing. it ruined the entire film and franchise.
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By that logic any reuse of a chord progression is plagiarism. I liked the song it fit well. Especially when everyone gets tanged
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Did you know Asuka is a straight up plagiarism of Kushana?

Anno even copied from doujins. What a crappy character.
Kom Susser Tod is a better song than Hey Jude and I'd listen to it over Hey Jude 10 times out of 10

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Does anyone here still care or watch this?
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Little Berserk Academia
Yesh, I just gave into the Stockholm Syndrome and now it looks fine to me, maybe even better than the first season.
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There are faggots who watch this abomination and haven't read the manga, and enjoy it a lot.

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