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Episode 6 preview

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Friendly reminder that Hime / Altair is nothing but a discount Suigintou and that her creator clearly traced Suigintou's features and stole her visual.
If you had seen the original series 10 years ago you would have noticed this by first glance.
Setsuna is clearly not a good artist and that is probably the reason why she killed herself.

You know this to be true.
This is a comfy SOL anime r-right?
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She's a Miku recolor. She even has those things on her twintails.

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Jin-Roh cinegrid.jpg
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all of it
About as much as you put into making original threads.
This is my first time doing one of these. I'm not that kyoanifag nor that narutard.

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>tfw there's 3 (three) years till the decade is over but you've already watched the best anime of the decade
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this shit was boring as fuck, I got like five episodes in and shit was still not poppin off

inb4 bait
meh it was good but not that good. Boku no Hero has been way more captivating.
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fuck off.jpg
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Not even the best anime of its year.

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What does moe mean, /a/?
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Ask >>>/adv/ for love related questions.
Moe is a Japanese slang loanword that refers to feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters in anime, manga, and video games. Moe, however, has also gained usage to refer to feelings of affection towards any subject.
stands for a simpsons character

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ITT: Edgy moments we unironically and shamelessly enjoyed
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You are only ruining your own enjoyment with your use of the word "edgy".
But anon, sometimes edge is taken to unnecessary levels.
Terminology shapes thoughts. Edgy, as 4chan uses it (not as the definition goes, mind you) very roughly describes something (and people can't even agree on what) and then defines it as bad writing.
Using this terminology is unhelpful and stupid.

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Why did he betray Lelouch again?
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I swear I can't remember anything about this show other than Lelouch dying, and apparently even that didn't happen.
dark elf pussy
gal pussy

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>Megumin will eventually grow out
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and be upgraded
Why wouldn't you want to see her grow into a lovely young woman?

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>download viz high quality manga scans for the first time
>absolute blast with it, manga becomes way more fun to read
>they fucking have barely anything and most of what they have is absolute shit
What else will give me guaranteed high quality scans? I fucking can't read those shit tier school rumble tier scans anymore after tasting viz.
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Ask Daiz.
I do not understand half of your shit.
I think he's saying how much he likes reading manga with clean scans

garbage scans are lethal, especially on older manga that dont have the best artstyles

Name a worst MC you can't
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Worst != worse
Look it up.
Is that the "I'm the best, just the best" guy?
No, it's the guy with the violent harem. His sole defining quality is the ability to use a powersuit, even though only girls can operate them.

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Mio is so beautiful and hot that it hurts
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She is pretty
>what is anatomy

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pic related
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Minami a shit.
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I couldn't get into baka test.

I hated all the girls.

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Chapter 95.1 by Kirei Cake

Since the Tlanon no longer appears the sundays here is a thread with last week chapter translated.
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Is Kirishima a trap?
For somebody so obsessed with manliness, and with a very masculine and muscular body like his it's surprising how much he looks like a girl even when he's shirtless.
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Other autist Anon I think I see what you're saying about Sir and Overhaul and by god if what's being implied here is actually true Nighteye is the maddest of the madmen.
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Please stop this faggotry; I enjoy these threads and the funny gay shitposting but you all have gone overboard today

It's like I need to make images of everybody now

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How do we fix /a/?

Why is half the board /e/-tier image dumps?
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Hiro should force registration and have public profiles for every poster.
Would solve all of /a/'s problems.
Permanently ban all generals and general posters. End scene.
Make /tv/ spam a bannable offense.

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What did /a/ think of this movie
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It's really good, very unique
It's fucking skitz mate.

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