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What was the point in cucking him? Like what was the logic? It hurt her also, and then she died without even kissing him.
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Because it shows reality. Girls tend to just want a NEET beta orbiter to use as a foil for their own goals. After that they usually go die or date a chad

NTRing, you crossboarder shit.
its about legacy
Hers was bringing back a discouraged musician before she fucked off

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Is anyone still watching this?
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Please just join us on /ai/ already
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where my baturos.jpg
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It needs longer quality battles, I don't even care about the no fist fight thing just give me the good stuff.
The monster battle crap is the worst part of precure and I'm glad they're moving away from that. It should just be slice of life more like aikatsu or smth.

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3x3 thread
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Hello friends. Tadaima

2/7 best tastes in this thread
totally inoffensive
These are the only two types of posts in these threads and why they're such trash.
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What the christ is top middle

also 4.5/6

-1 JoJo
-.5 One Joke Man


1/1, i really need to get off my ass and watch LOGH and Planetes

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What /a/ character has the best shark teeth?
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just post more shark teeth girls please
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I vote shark-loli.
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Mandatory Sucy.png
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Why did they allow her to have a butt like this?
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What did he mean by this?
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Blame the mayonnaise

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ITT: Underrated waifus. Pic related.
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Why aren't there waifu wednesdays anymore?
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Good question.
>the next episode with cheap animation
carnival phantasm was too good for this world

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Is anime becoming too risque?
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not really, theres only like one ecchi show this season.

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Can someone explain her power?
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It just works.
If you deny her lies they become real.
It's magic.

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ch1 (1).png
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I translated the first two chapters of the Prison School Spinoff, so here you go.

If someone has raws for chapter 3+, please share. I can't find them anywhere.

Also I don't have a batoto acc anymore, so if anyone with a Contributor acc wants to upload it there, go ahead.

Chapter 1-10 in korean:
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ch1 (2).png
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ch1 (3).png
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ch1 (4).png
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Why aren't seven heavenly virtues as popular in animu as seven deadly sins?
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Nobody likes mary sue
I hate ye olde speak, took me far too long to work out what these were:
Prudence, Justice, Loyalty, Charity, Hope, Strength, Temperance.
I didnt think to fucking look them up either
virtue is for posers

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so did this ever stop being boring?
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Don't know, people just keep going on about asses and not explain why they are watching this snooze fest.

Before you go on about my supposed ADHD keep in mind that I actually liked Hyouka.
>he doesn't like Shirobako Iroha
I mean, if it didn't entice you from episode 1, you won't like the latest one either.
When is the boring meme going to die? It's a great show. If you think it's boring stop watching it and complaining about it.

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I want Zamasu to cum inside me!
You don't want to talk about Super, you just want to see our reactions to that spongebob meme because apparently you have nothing better to do than browse 4chan on your phone.
ah memes

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How does it go?
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It just happen to be an ecchi manga with ninjettes.
Basically Naruto improved.
>Not Hard Gay
I thought Itachi and Sasuke were direct descendants of Madara?

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Japan got BLACKED! Prepare your KyoAnus.
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Pedro looks like a cool brother in-law
Pedro x Shoko doujin where?

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