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Now that the dust has settled, what's the best order to watch this in?
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Broadcast order
There, thread over.
>Now that the dust has settled,
Go suck a dick.
Danganronpa 1 to Danganronpa 2 with maybe UDG in between. That's all you need until V3 comes out because 3 is worthless now that the threads are over.


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Guess the anime
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dunno, tell me

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So do pleople actually think Nichijou's funny or am I just getting memed on because I can count the number of scenes that were funny (including pic related) on one hand.
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How many fingers do you have on one hand, Bruce?
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You were trolled, not only by 4chan and /a/, but also the entire internet, the anime industry and japan. Everybody just pretends to think it's funny, to troll you. Especially you.
It's entirely possible that you didn't find it funny because you just didn't think it was funny. This however has never happened before, not even once.

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This is pretty good. You could actually post this on pixiv.
Thanks for the Kumiko.
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is it finally time for some serious drama?
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NTR isn't real Dram.
It doesn't even feel like NTR if you don't give a damn about the shitty girl in the first place.
Why would you read this if you didn't care for the girl? I mean her being a slut is what makes this manga.

Guess the character by their buttocks thread
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I'm an old man and I would enjoy paying money for those buttocks to please me.
Lin !
I don't recognize butts, only dicks.

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Nobody remembers Sabagebu

Nobody except me
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You're wrong.
it was an awful show. i hope in my later years i don't remember it
i liked it

When is the Miku anime?
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What would it even be about? Miku doesn't exactly have a set personality.
aw yeah side-anus

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>if I use this power, i'll die
>doesn't die
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>It's time to use..that...
>Damn, I didn't want it to come to this
literally nobody can name an example of this that wasn't complete trash.
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>"We'll remember this!"
>Never seen again.
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>Hero sacrifices himself in order to save the world.
>he actually dies and series finishes.

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Does this image still apply?
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I mean, they're pretty much all dead now, but ye I guess so.
Praise be to the dark lord.
No, it's through the Dark Lord, Amen now.

How do we cure the Chuunis
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Chuunis don't breed
the dick

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>download an anime
>[dual audio]
>english dub enabled by default
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>"S: English" means no subtitles
>"S: Japanese" means English subtitles
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>download an anime
>dual audio
>actually just English dub
>four different subtitles with the same name

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Are shark teeth safe for mouthies?
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>it's a "Meteora talks for half the episode" episode

Only in the shedding of our earthly flesh prisons can we hope to escape the infodumping.

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>Chapter 157: Standing Man
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>Narrator: 1616 (2nd year of the Genna era), during the second month of the lunar calendar (February).
>N: A story of Musashino (part of what is now Kanto), passed down through history.
>N: On that day, a lone, traveling gambler...
>N: Was given one night's lodging, here, by wealthy farmers (the Hanayama family).
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>N: Understanding of his long journey,
>N: They treated him with many wholehearted kindnesses.
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>N: That evening...
>N: Tens of burglars...
>N: Broke into the Hanayama household.

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>brawler/fist-fight show
>male MC is weak as fuck
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>battle anime
>MC gets strong only on the final episode, only in the final minutes of the episode
>anime never continues
>manga goes on permanent hiatus
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>Male MC is weak as fuck and gets bullied
>Get stronger to beat the shit out of the bully.
>Doesn't get with best girls who cheered him on from the beginning.
>Regresses into the world's biggest bitch in every possible way.
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>Male MC is weak as fuck in the beginning
>as the anime progresses, you can clearly see him improving and able to fight and hold his own
>trashed around by his rival in the beginning
>able to hold his own against him later on

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