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I finished watching original dragon ball, I haven't seen z, should I watch Kai or the original version
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you should watch z but not Kai.
Kai is such an insult against original author.
Alright, I guess that was settled quick, will do z then
>Kai is such an insult against original author.
A "original author final cut edition" is an insult
the fuck are you saying? There's many flaws to Kai but your statement made no sense.

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Naruto, Luffy and Izuku wish they were this cool
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Even Naruto had better SOL elements than Fairy Tail.
All that Fairy Tail has is battles, and those are way too contrived to be any interesting. But hurrah for friendship power.
You wish anime was cool.
desu Natsu does have a good margin of badass moments

Remember this dream demon?
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You can just about see the vagina bones.
Try a different angle.
Had to drop it because translations never.

Sexualizing a Friend should be illegal under pain of death
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Emperor is for sexual.
She looks pissed

What's wrong with you?
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So what's Tomoko gonna do after high school, anyway?
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Take a relife pill and go to highschool again.
>relife pill
I want to take one with her.
Nothing, she will be a smelly neet that lives with Mom and dad

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Would you let your imouto be an idol?
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The idol life is suffering and no good onii-chan would want that for his imouto(pictured is an imouto with a bad onii-chan).
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>Makes lotsa dough so she wouldn't beg me for any.
>Schedule keeps her out of my hair.
>Agency keeps her in a chastity belt so no creepy boyfriends.
I don't see the downside.
If my chinese comic books are anything to go by, she'll be pressured into fucking creepy old executives and introduced to a life of drugs and hedonism.

>Part 1 & 2: Roundabout
>Part 3: Walk Like an Egyptian and Last Train Home
>Part 4: I want you

Okay /a/, now's your chance to play the JoJo lottery and figure out what obscure hit single is gonna be chosen for the ending theme to Part 5. Winner gets massive bragging rights and the biggest e-peen on this site.
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Okay, I might as well make the first post.
I call it: it's going to be Living Color - By Glamour Boys
All Star
This thread is gonna get pruned.

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She just wanted to go home
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Pieck >>> Annie
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Reiner and Ymir are lovers. Remember this.
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armong and eren.jpg
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Sorry for late start
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I want a cute Suzu.
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What are you guys getting Shino this year?
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Machine thing

Furuya-san is looking for rooms so she can live alone.
"Over here"

"Ohh, it has a nice vibe"
Attendant -->

"The automatic door is broken"
"Ah no, it's an autolock..."
"My grandma would say that it was broken too"

Today is the day, right?
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The female MC is a bitch
Still waiting
Are subs out yet?

If you remove all the pandering to the lowest common denominator in the anime community as well as society in general, is this still a good show? I ended up dropping too many shows this season and need to pick something back up, and this one seems to stay rather popular. It's just that, when that little girl said she liked dick, that made me question what I was doing with my life, and that maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere.
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You are probably too up your own ass to enjoy it, sorry.
Fuck off.
>when that little girl said she liked dick, that made me question what I was doing with my life
I dont understand

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loli assaulted by wind
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miyu is the best girl
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She is for rape.
What's wrong with her tummy?

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Who was the target audience for this scene?
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the most dangerous audience
12 year old girls

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>My Silky Heart starts playing
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When did taiga ever wear a black uniform?!?!?!
in the game, I think. But they should have done in the show also, red is a garbage color
Final scene.

What does /a/ think of Tonari no Seki-kun?
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Great to watch on lunch and there should be more
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Best ED of it's season

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