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Is it tomboy time?
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She got axed, Jim.
Wasn't this supposed to be back from hiatus by now?
This. Time to let go bros.

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Why do people pretend not to like Evangelion?
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1. Cognitive Dissonance is one hell of a drug

2. Some people can legitimately not relate to anyone in Eva and do not enjoy such depressing tones so early on in a show
I don't watch mecha and havent seen one in a while now

I also heard this film is a deconstruction of the genre.. So I don't know if Im going to be able to understand it when I watch it now
Because of people like you.

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Episode 7 is here, our heroines are lost in the desert and I can't believe Leviathan is fucking dead.
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I want to lick that sweat.
That sweat is for her father.
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This show was so fantastic.

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get good nerd.jpg
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Honestly, I prefer Hajime over Umiko~
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Childhood is preferring hajime
Adolescence is preferring Umiko
Adulthood is when you realize Yun is the patrician choice
Shizuku is the true patricians' choice.
Childhood is preferring Hajime
Adolescence is preferring Ahagon
Young adulthood is preferring Hifumi
Adulthood is preferring Yun
The middle-aged prefer Aoba
But the wisest patricians at the top of the pyramid of experience, intelligence, and wisdom know that the best choice is Nene

No one prefers Rin or Kou because they're gay

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>get halfway through reading manga
>translation company went bust and no plans to continue the rest
What can I do in this situation or how much would it be to privately hire someone to translate it?
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name it.
Chronicles of the cursed sword, even looked around online for translation groups but there's been like one chapter done in years
$1-2 per page is normal for commissions.

It looks like Hinako has committed a crime.
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she stole my heart
Too bad, she has already stolen Yua.
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I want to commit a crime

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Girls made for emotionless non-romantic fucking
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>Girls made for emotionless non-romantic fucking

So, all of them?

I just finished marathoning this and I'm dying for more. So addicting and I fucking love it.
What do you anons think is going to be the next conflict/challenge? I was thinking Chika's dad could return or something like that.
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Also I can't wait for more adorable blushfests.
Does this have NTR?

This is one of the most spot on and depressing depictions of a broken man I've ever seen.
>Entirely work driven, has no hobbies, has no plans on his days off except for buying food.
>No emotions, expressions range from a frown to a cold dead smile.
>Has 1 friend, who barely counts since he's a work friend.
>No interest in women, even ones who are blatantly interested in him.
>Never initiates conversation unless its to scold umaru, fly on the wall with no presence.
>No ambitions, no dreams, just a mundane existence repeating the same tasks everyday.
What is even the point of him existing. What keeps him going? What is his endgame?
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His endgame is to fuck Umaru.
That would be the logical endgame, but why hasn't he done it yet? He seems asexual.

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Something is going to happen this chapter, or we are doomed for a cliffhanger?

Phone posters need not apply.
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No one from 1A will die, only the new guys will.
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>3 threads at once
gotta git that sweet sweet first post

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Is this an actual thing in Japan? That's literally worse than Gestapo.
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If you're wearing their uniform you're representing the school. Go home and change you shit.
That's autistic
You are allowed to make pit stops or eat with friends but yeah you can't loiter around all evening in your seifuku and risk making the school look bad.

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Why don't shounen protagonists kill scum like the good old days anymore?
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I see, the secret to manliness lies in the thickness of the eye brows.
Because justly applied violence is "bad" for some reason nowadays.
Because if they kill the mass-murderer who wants to further terrorize people, they'll be no better than him!

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Why aren't you teasing your assistant anon?

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I'm too busy admiring those trips.

Because the voice recognition still doesn't work when I try to use it.
Update your shit, motherfuckers.


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Best villain or best villain?
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I love my mug.
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Yoshikage David.jpg
111KB, 454x248px

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worst girl.png
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Why was her route so fucking shit?
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Because she's shit.
Because R07 can't write for shit.

She is one of the better girls.
>shes one of the better girls
Name 3 who are worse than her

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