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What is going on here?
Ippo turned into ricardo? Or he just had enough of being the nice guy?
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kamogawa's isolation tank and kettlebell training paid off

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What's going on with Kirishima's past?
From the looks of it, it seems like he could've been a villain at some point in his life and ended up redeeming/being in the process of redeeming himself.
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He was a joke character like Mineta and tape guy. He just ended up being a better character. That's all there is.
Could you please wait until the previous thread is gone before you create a new one? Or just stop with fucking generals?
I don't think he was a villain, but probably a delinquent. In Hori's first draft, Kirishima was a delinquent who wanted to become a hero because of his girlfriend.

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Art style change thread. Post interesting comparisons of the same artist's development over the years. Discuss whether certain artists were better before or after.

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1987 is the best
2000 has fly-like eyes
Damn, this girl is old but I never heard about her work.

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post girls that need a good dicking but don't necessarily want one
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Did someone say Snake thread?
You're both joking, right?
All of them.

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>Literally uses the power of his dick to beat up women
Holy shit this is the best MC in years.
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If only the animation and fight scenes were watchable, if only the director had any idea what he was doing, if only the writer wasn't literally autistic or underage, if only.
The girl that wears the mask is cute
it's still fun to watch, i don't know what you're rambling about

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But in the end, I couldn't help but feel more sorry for her than I did for Punpun ;_;
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I'm glad you liked it

One of the best manga I've read
that's a terrible way too look at it. Dont be the weaker man.

She is just a female punpun. They are both victims of their situation

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What the fuck, /a/? You told me this shit was good, but Homura turns evil and ruins everything for everyone, destroys Madoka's wish and what's more gets away scot-free with it. This is fucking bullshit, you can't just ruin the anime like that.
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>Homura turns evil and ruins everything for everyone, destroys Madoka's wish and what's more gets away scot-free with it
rewatch and pay attention
>Homura turns evil
She's aware of what she's doing.
>destroys Madoka's wish
Because Kyubey found a way round it.
>gets away scot-free
She allowed Sayaka to remember everything, just in case there's another way.

You just didn't get it.

Say something nice about her!

She is best girl after all.
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She's cute
Y..You mean that? You're not pulling a prank?

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post girls that want cock
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all of them
>TFW episode 2 never

Hold me close, Anon
What if you're waifu has a cock?

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Did Azusa ruin K-On?
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No you piece of shit, she it sthe reason the second season finale was as special as it was. They were leaving one of there main girls behind
Azusa is quite literally what made K-ON as great as it is.
She's an angel.

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Darker than Black for me. Especially the OVA's. Watching Hei becoming human again with his love for Yin,then only to have her taken away is soul-crushing. The OST adds impact to it as well.
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The second season made me depressed.

Why is she so perfect?
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I want to have loving consensual sex with Maho. But I also want to brutally rape her. Someone explain this.
German girls are the best.
They train them to be perfect at everything in the hitler youths

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Genki or quiet?
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Whichever one is better at sucking dick
Case by case basis, but it's Tina here.
you can have pico

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>go on mal
>go to historical tag
>first 6 on list are gintama
why is this allowed
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>go on mal
why is this allowed?
>implying i didnt want something to be mad at
Because it's a great show, You know, Excluiding the first 26 eps and the latest seasons were it went full serious.

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Yes, everyone including the people who worked on the original anime did the same thing.
No, because he's much too manly

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