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I started watching anime about 6 months ago. I watched a bunch of anime before... like Akira and Miyazaki-san stuff but I never got into seasonal/serialized anime.

Anyway, these days I only watch anime and I can't stand Hollywood movies or TV shows anymore. They're just trash and garbage compared to anime. I tried watching that Logan movie but it was so fucking bad and it was bordering propaganda. It was depressing. Anime is so much more fun.

Anyone else hate Hollywood TV/Movies now?
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I still like older movies and TV shows, but the only thing in the last decade I enjoyed was pre-moffat Doctor Who.
Anime and discussions on /a/ just made me overly critical of any media, can't watch a movie or read a book without thinking how there's plot holes or shit writing and asspulls now. Might just be autism though.

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>reading Kaiji
>get to chapter 23
>no more chapters left, at a cliffhanger
>look it up
>"the scanlators decided to not translate the rest of part 1 because the anime follows it pretty closely"
What the FUCK
Why do manga readers get screwed so badly /a/
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If you weren't mentally retarded you'd realize all 13 volumes have been translated.
>Why do streamfags get screwed so badly /a/
I just wanna read on the bus and at work

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There wasn't anything else that could've been done so don't act like you can judge him.
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I can't, no one can. He did literally nothing wrong. If it weren't for the fire he would've won, but there was no way he ever could've know about that especially since he was busy purging.
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how do you have someone so right and so wrong in the same series?
I mean, I'm sure there were other things that could have been done.

You're at the playground and this goddess slaps your son's ass, what you do?
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Make a pass at her.
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Tell my waifu to kill her
Ask her if she is available to babysit my son later.

This is a 28 year old man.
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Cutest man ever.
But who will protect his smile?
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After lurking here for a long time I decided to put the anime /a/ loves the most to the test
What is the perfect /a/ anime
Pic related was the honorable mention alongside Bebop and K on
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Eva is unironically the only good anime in that poll
Rec threads go to >>>/wsr/, friend
Kaiji is my favorite anime though. At least Monster is second best.

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Why the hell did One Punch Man get so much more popularity than Mob Psycho 100? I honestly feel it's a much better story and a hell of a lot more interesting.
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More mass appeal, more big tiddy & loli bait
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Because murata didn't redraw it. Thats the only reason OPM got more readers and an anime. Afterwards people (normies and redditors) started to realize he had another series. Also Opm is better more wide range of characters, a clear endgame, better chicks and more comedy
Since when does quality have anything to do with popularity?

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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How are you not banned
This is a new meme?
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No, it's a fish.

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Do you want a funny and heart-warming story about a depressed salaryman and an earnest succubus? Of course you do.
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>[HorribleSubs] Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine - 08 [720p].mkv
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Guess what time it is?

time for leaks and hopefully - hopefully a thread that is not so Toki.
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taken from baidu btw.
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Go, strongest DJ!
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Toki of the counterattack

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The future of anime is here. Your thoughts?
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Needs more cute.
Take your shitty CGI back to america.
I watch anime for the plot, so I don't care if it is 3D or not.


Looking foward to this Anime /a/? So far it looks like it will be the only decent show of Summer.
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Where the fuck is my coffee, Joey?
The Mushishi staff is promising though
> Stan Lee
> mushishi staff.

I think this is the legit reasons for hyping

What did you think of the movie?
In your opinion, how does this compare to Tamako Love Story and the K-On! movie?
Would you like to see Yamada stick to films, or direct another TV series?
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Best Yamada film by far, and she should alternate between series and films.
Should have cut some characters and be longer. It just felt like a constant rush.
I'm hoping she sticks to film. She gets to truly shine with them and you can see her growth as a director.

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The final Strike the Blood ovas are coming out today, you ready?
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Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.
Wasn't it tomorrow?
The raws are already out in streaming on himado.



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