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Sanae, why are those girls wrestling?
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Who the fuck is that little boy?
What is written on her shirt.
I still can't get over the fact she cut her hair.
I just can't.

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>mc was never an otaku
>just a failure of normalfag
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>pretending to be a social outcast by choice
Excuse me but who are you people quoting?
>mc isn't an unlucky neet that happened to get ran over by truck-kun
>just a normalfag going to an actual job and got fucked by a truck

as we become more and more close to 2020 and leaving 2010s behind us we can all agree on that 2000 to 2009 was and still the greatest decade for anime
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2006-2013 is a better range for the "peak".
No, it's the decade that ruined anime, and Haruhi is one of the main offenders.
i can get behind that

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ore monogatari.jpg
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This was cute
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It was the ultimate wish fulfillment anime for otaku losers, but yeah, it was a little cute too.
It's shoujo.
No, Kimi no todoke is shoujo, this is wish fulfillment anime for fugly otaku losers.

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>tfw sarah didn't win
>tfw NO ONE won, it was just a rushed open ending
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Heard it ended because the author is ill or something
wait... it ended?

fuck, i quite liked the story
Stop anon, it hurts.

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kiznaiver op.webm
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Was Kiznaiver the last good arthouse anime?
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I agree.
Koe no Katachi just came out.
Why didn't people like Kiznaiver? I just watched it and I thought it was really good.

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Good morning, Akihabara, how are ya?
Don't you worry, I can make ya c*m
I'm the train they call the City of Fanservice
And I'll get 500 off 'fore the day is done.

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Do you love your station?
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>This train's got the disappearing railroad blues
>Goodnight America, how are ya?
>rail wars
>no one gets railed

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Why can't anime make female designs that look like this?
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Have you checked Gundam Thunderbolt?
they can, you're an ignorant faggot op.
Fuck off.

My Disrespectful Teen Son Somehow Got Ahold of a Gluten Product and Now Wants to Become a Catgirl?!
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OP is a Faggot and Now He Want to Create Faggot Novel?!
You're trying too hard.
My Dog Cannot Be This Sexy!?!? Adult rating

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I appreaciate the fact that Yamada loves film and tries to replicate the aesthetic, but what fucking movie has the edges blurry the entire goddamn time and doesn't adjust the focus according to the position of the subject? I'm not even sure this is the kind of result you would ever get from a film lens
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Her "artsy" direction ruined the film, she was trying way to hard.
No true anime enthusiast would consider Koe no Katachi a particularly notable or interesting work. Rather it is edgy pablum for millennials, jammed with all of the masochistic 20th century philosophy they so adore, its aesthetic tedious pseudo-dadaist drivel one would expect to find floating at the bottom of something designed by Kakifly.

Each scene following Shouko and her bullies from elementary school as she fights the demons of her past is indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy, blurry imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use (and abuse) of chromatic aberration, all to make forgiveness unforgiving, to make fighting prejudice seem inert. The so-called "suffering" of the protagonists is thrust upon them not for the sake of adventure or struggle, but rather for the lurid pornographic enjoyment of its viewership. If you enjoyed Koe no Katachi, you might as well delete all your anime and replace it with hardcore BDSM fetish pornography, because it is functionally identical and equally boring.
>If you enjoyed Koe no Katachi, you might as well delete all your anime and replace it with hardcore BDSM fetish pornography, because it is functionally identical and equally boring.
I already did this

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Waiting for subs, also reminder Akane is best girl
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Why does Yuzu exist? Everyone is all fun and bombastic but then they have to include this one character that sucks the fun out of everything with her "DO I REALLY LOVE SEIJI KUN?!" nonsense
Shikimi a fucking shit.
She's the bridge between Akane and Guri. Seiji can't serve that role for obvious reasons.

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Season 3 HYPE
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Why she has big titties at 10?
She needs all possible means to seduce Komari.
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Komari's feet are tiny. Tiny!

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>13 years old
>already this sexy

How does Luluco do it?
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13 is the sexiest age though.

The perfect balance between physical development and cuteness. The perfect balance between innocence and maturity. The perfect balance between legality and naughty taboo. The most patrician age.
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Superb taste, Anon. If only everyone understood.

New chapter's out.
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Koe no Katachi = fail, blame the victim and self improvement shit.
Maid Dragon = fail, just moeshit at extreme
Amagi = mediocre, villain was something fucking ridiculous.
Phantom something etc = fail, had nice characters, but MC was way too weak.
Eupho = fail, forced drama
Free = fail and gay, didn't watch after episode 3.
Chuu2 = fail shit extreme, I hate MC and the twintail girl.
Tamako = fail and boring as fuck
Girl with red glasses and zombie guy = TOTAL FAIL, this one was fucking BAD!!!
Why Hyouka was good?
I really liked Chitanda and MC. Good character development. Ending left me with a "I want moar" taste.

Before Hyouka we had K-on and was awesome. Haruhi was awesome. Lucky Star was awesome. Fumofu was awesome.

Wtf hapenned?
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stopped reading when you unironically used the term moeshit
here's your free reply
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Can we have a Chitanda thread instead?
Musaigen no Phantom World was good

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