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>voice: Hello I am Surname Name
>subs: Hello I am Name Surname
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>voice: Onii-chan!
>subs: big bro!
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>voice: Sensei!
>subs: Mr. Taki!
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>voice: Sensei!
>subs: Mr. T!

Nina is winning the Cheeriosbowl
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What's her endgame?
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>she sees your dick
>Nina who goes to buy at the preparation of the victory eve of the victory. I encounter a twinkling young man who is supposed to be Charrios in the town and invite me to come to the opening of the eve of the evening with Rita. Meanwhile, the devil Azazel was planning to raise the treachery of rebellion aiming at the founding memorial ....

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Tomorrow new episode (yup, it's friday already), are you hyped for the fights to come? How many more till we can have a communitarian boner for Absolute Madman vs Half Bastard?
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I'm really hoping for the last thread drawfag to finish something. I encourage other drawfags to do the same. No shame, bros, we will love you all.
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how long until they reveal Kaminari as the traitor

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Hot dog man is dreamy
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Aoi is my wife.
>yugioh will never have good animation
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bad taste

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Daily reminder of the true Nyaa replacements
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Previous thread
They are already down, what great sites!
Anything else wouldn't do the situation justice.

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Sanji's Panel.png
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the Hat.jpg
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first for Bege and his boys bout to get BTFO
Except Sanji did get BTFO.

Once again, Sanji jobbed to a Black Haki Male in One Piece.

Sanji just doesn't know how to fight black people.
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Uh huh

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This series would be 10x better if there was another player in the New world. Preferably one who partook in raids against Nazarick, so he somewhat knows the layout and poses considerable threat.
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Well I read the manga sometime ago, well at least the few translated ones and its heavily hinted that He is not the only player and the last episode of the anime makes that hint too as who was controlling helping controll Shalltear
that would be really interesting to have seen animated. really wish the show could get another season
ehm ..... http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-03-10/overlord-tv-anime-gets-2nd-season/.113293 ???

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What are your thoughts on loli?
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>people enjoy this sub-par art
So many better artists but people post this trash
not into precocious lolis.
I think you should post more

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Episode 19 "Cavendish"

The Cavendish family is a prestigious aristocratic witch continuing from Beatrix who is one of Nine Old Witch.
Diana suddenly have to inherit her principal and she decided to quit Lune Nova.
Hannah and Barbara can't hide their upset with sudden events.
Akko is also surprised and question Diana closely but can't stop Diana.
Diana passed through Akko and left Lune Nova

PV Soon.

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melting anime face.png
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you think them twins like
molested diana as a kid or something
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Why do they all look like dykes
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Andrew, we need to discuss terms of the marri-

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I hope she'll find her own match.
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>*Due to distribution reasons, this product can be shipped only to the following areas: North, Central, South America.

What did the eu do to deserve this?

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Papa Alesiter was unfortunate as fuck

Our hero

Now where are the rest of his daughters? or he only cares about the one who died young
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Misaki a best. A BEST.
I can't wait for him to fuck up UK
That one Imgur link needs to be updated.

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Whos ready for troll cave?
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>watching this shit
>not watching this shit
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So I have to ask. Are you seriously enjoying this CGI Trainwreck? Have you never read the manga or seen any other adaptation? What are you enjoying about it? I'm genuinely curious.

Tfw you lived long enough to see limb legion animated
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Holy shit really?
I'm more proud of the artist than I am glad to have seen this animated.
I love Z-Ton's work.
It also has horse pussy and that fish loli. Animation is pretty stiff though, but the art style is on point.
We are living in an era where monster girls are absolutely lit and that makes me happy as someone that liked that shit before it when "mainstream" in the mango and animu community ... and Im perfectly find with people seen the good on it also now we need some of this get animated

Who is your favourite hug friend?
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The big one
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Perverted wolf
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Did you know it's K-ON!'s 10th anniversary?
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Yui best girl
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Here's to another 50 years
I want to have sex with Yui.

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