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The adorableness of these two is potent to the point where they could cure cancer and replace it with diabetes.
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These are either Diana's sisters or cousins

Do you think they bully her?
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Ashitaba Kurumi is listening to her daughter being railed by the son-in-laws horsecock while she hasn't been getting any at all. what do?
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mind you. she is this hot.
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Fuck off with your shitty threads already.

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New chapter out: http://manga.fascans.com/manga/my-hero-academia/137/1

I wish we see more Iida, Todoroki bromance to Deku from here on out.
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>favourite boy was kouda
>then it was aoyama
>see this
how are all the boys so good?
Let this general shit fucking die.
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Tsuyu look tight af.

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Volume 9 is out in June 9. Looks like they are going to pull another OreImo.
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RBN (reverse NBR)
do japanese otaku actually want to fuck their siblings? why do they love cute girls calling them onii-chan so much?
do Japanese otaku actually want to fuck little girls? Its all a fetish thanks to anime.

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Is Akko the best tomboy of 2017?
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She's awful.
She's female naruto
Can you use the catalog?

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This is better than anything KyoAnus has put out in 5 years
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The story and characters are far superior and every way but the animation is lacking.
I like it too but why do you have to post like /v/ermin ?
It's shit and the director explicitly says Tamako Love Story is objectively better.

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Was he the first chuunibyou?
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No, the caveman that discovered fire was.
I'd post the chapter but it is too lewd
World conquest with his means seems achievable, not really a chuuni unless he starts about making laser guns and horseless armoured wagon that early.

Put the bath scene in spoilers.

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Who's your favorite anal queen?
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*unzips dick*

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Oh, look, some Kirara stuff.
>A-1 Pictures
Never mind.
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I'm more interested in the comfy camping one.
Better than some no-name studio like Passion
That isn't even Kirara.

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Has the anime completely forgotten about what's in Eren's basement?

Anyone who's read the manga want to tell me what's down there that's so important?
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Its really fucking important. It kinda ends the immersion because the manga stops kinda being about mankind remnants surrounded by titans
chained up titan loli
>watching/reading this shit

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I grew up in a house with no cable or internet until about age 14-15 so I could never really watch Toonami or find any gateway into Anime/Manga. I had friends who were really into it, one of them even went to Japan in high school. In grade school I had an after school babysitter who let me watch their television. I loved and was fascinated by shows like Naruto and ATLA, but with only limited exposure I never really got attached to them. It's one of those things where I want to be into it, but I feel like I don't have a good foundation of experience to have that visceral connection. Does anyone get what I'm saying? I feel like I'm behind everyone else and it kinda sucks that I didn't have an outlet for it my whole childhood. I've watched about as much anime as I can, haven't gotten into manga much, but I feel burnt out and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of experience most people have compared to me. Any tips for how to develop my interest?
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Just watch/read stuff you retard. Stop trying to fit in and just do you. Just find stuff you like and go from there.
Fuck off and kill yourself, faggot.
i'll take that advice with a grain of salt but thanks for the input

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Anyone here found it hard to treat this show seriously? I mean I like the visual direction but the mentality of the characters is like from 200 years ago. Their "problems" just come off as funny to me.
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What ""problems""?
The petty drama is taken too seriously by the show's presentation as well as the characters which makes it comical. The whole thing has the "I'll take a potato chip, and eat it" feel.
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I want to fuck Mariko so hard!

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And explain why.
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/a/ is a hetfag hellhole
Sakura Trick wasn't popular though, it only sold 2k BDs. It was just talked about here because of how lewd and non-serious it was despite the writing being absolute trash
I still want season 2 so the cunnilingus scene gets animated
Sakura Trick wasn't that popular, dumb fags called it boring because they were not fucking onscreen.

>tfw no gf like shouko
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I can't describe it, but what's wrong with that background? Totally ruins it. It's blurry as fuck.
>tfw no disabled, self-loathing, suicidal gf
Google Chromatic aberration. Why Kyoani thought a fucking anime movie needed this shit is a mystery.

Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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Mugi would fuck you without mercy until you bleed.
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I want to go balls deep in Yui's fat, sopping wet, teenage pussy.
What a slut. No wonder she like negro males so much.

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