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how was this show? I was thinking of watching it but feel like its going to drag on each episode.
It's 2deep4you shit
I have to watch this entire series again in order to do my thesis on the genre.
Help me to breathe.

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I didn't drop Dantalian, so obviously I'd pick Dalian.
>slap bitches
>acquire macaroon
Is this GOTSICK?

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What was the point? Was it just to make the whole race plotline completely meaningless at the end?
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Does part 8 do anything better than 7?
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when does the Rohan OVA come out?
Just finished Part 6, holy crap that ending was both so sad and great at the same time. Despite being such a dick about "happiness", Pucci was a pretty top tier antagonist and Jolyne was honestly such a great character. I thought people only liked her for being a girl before reading it, but she's so much like Jonathan and her combat with Stone Free is great.

All the characters in general were great, the only issues I had was FF's regenerative abilities for Jolyne in YoYoMa and the Heaven's process (DIO's bone and Sports Maxx, tree stand and sinners, green baby), but I loved the whole part in general.

This is my rating now:

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No true anime enthusiast would consider MSMM a particularly notable or interesting work. Rather it is edgy pablum for millennials, jammed with all of the masochistic 20th century philosophy they so adore, its aesthetic tedious pseudo-dadaist drivel one would expect to find floating at the bottom of something designed by R.Mutt.

Each episode following Madoka and her pals from Mitakihara as they fight assorted witches is indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert. The so-called "suffering" of the protagonists is thrust upon them not for the sake of adventure or struggle, but rather for the lurid pornographic enjoyment of its viewership. If you enjoyed MSMM, you might as well delete all your anime and replace it with hardcore BDSM fetish pornography, because it is functionally identical and equally boring.
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Okay. Uh, I still like Madoka.
You should hook up with >>157644958

Your mutual autism would be fun to watch.
>He doesn't like BDSM

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Did you like my show, /a/?
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No, fuck off you lesbian dyke
>Lucky Star was 10 years ago
Just fuck.
They did.

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Dumping ch67
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Can we all agree Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho has the nicest ED of the season?

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No. Uchouten, Alice, and Bahamut all beat it easily.
I'm partial to the 2nd LWA ed.
I like the OP more.

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Parts from OPs or EDs that you immediately hear.

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>Back when Tsukihime and Fate were considered equals
>CP today would just be another Fate subsidary
Fuck everything

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are you ready for the new Takahiro ride??
>The story is set in a distant eastern country called Wakoku. Battles for the survival of the fittest have lasted a century in Wakoku. Hinowa is an obscure girl caught in the midst of the upheaval. With resolve in her heart, she will tear these chaotic times asunder.
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I'll read it, but I expect nothing. Also I don't like the way the artist does faces, they seem stretched.
This is low, Akame wasn't the main character in her own manga, and now Takahiro is prostituting her to promote his new manga.
damn, that art looks way worse than akame ga kill, which is saying something

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Who was in the wrong here?
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You. As always.
why didn't Shinji cared for anyone else? but was craving for love the whole time? what was Anno trying to say?
> Asuka needs cuddles.

> Shinji mopes.

What does /a/ think of Kill Me Baby?
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What do you think, anon?
>Season 2 never
the world seriously needs more comedy anime with a dynamic duo as lead

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Do you think a nudist anime featuring elementary or middle schoolers would work?
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I still don't understand why she never took off her clothes prior to transforming.
Or why she never packed a bag with clothes to change into when she was left naked after a transformation.
Yeah, it could have that 250k BD sales and make Japan "The land of the rising penis".
it would work to get you arrested

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Remember, sluts should die a horrible painful death
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Bad thread, OP.
So you like wormsluts?
wrong Sakura though

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Now that the dust has settled, which one was better?

To me, even with his fanservice and both been generic pile of shit, Chivalry is at least decent with better characters and Chivalry MC being not a gary sue at all., unlike Assterisk MC
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>Now that the dust has settled,
Fuck off.
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Ikki >>> Ayato 2.0
Stella >>> Pink Houki
Rakudai >>> Asterisk
How the fuck did you manage to bring up digibro with no provocation?
Kill yourself.

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