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Automatically the best girl
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Then what does this mean?

Double best girl?
And then you zoom out and find out that it's actually the worst girl.
Moefang =/= vampire fang

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Kaneki's about to get fucked up by this big guy called aura.
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literally who?
Spoilers haven't come out on Thursdays since that Saiko chapter.
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Marathoned through the entire manga in 4 days. Feels weird having to wait for new shit now.

No way Eto is actually dead, right? S-she's gonna swoop in and save the day sometime isn't she? ;_;

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ITT: Characters, who have had sex
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stella vermillion.jpg
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>He sees your dick
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Moneky dick
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nice numerals, but leave Bio-Zamasu to me

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Goku vs Tablos.jpg
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what did South America mean by this?
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you CAN'T make this shit up
Keep it in one thread you fat fuck pieces of shit

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the fantastic four.png
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How will the raid go horribly wrong?
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The raid is about to go horribly, horribly right, Anon.
Do heroes cry?
When they know they're about to die in order to make the most absurd timeloop in anime and manga history, yeah.

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>tfw no new season anytime soon

Why cant Slayers get some love?
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I think it's gotten a ton in its time
The last seasons didn't perform well.

Although the whole thing was a dumb idea anyway. Revolution didn't know if it wanted to be a sequel or reboot with the way it kept giving exposition about stuff the characters AND audience should know. Evolution-R avoided that, but it still was a rehash of a past story with the Rezo thing all over again.
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How would ErwL even work? Levi's too small.
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Reiner and Ymir are lovers. Remember this.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
>Levi's too small.
They actually have the same height difference like YH.

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Pantsu vs nyaa.si
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Fuck off daiz
fuck off retard
I have to say, Daiz sure got to avenge his honor for the reddit spacing rant, this is a pretty good trolling.

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>Diana Episode

Dro-Nah, only fools who dropped Best Girl Episodes. Also theres no summary out yet...

7 Hours left for Episode 19 PV....
60 Hours left for Episode 19 Streams...

Enough Constanze, Its Diana time, faggots

How to Counter TriggerHaters & LWAhaters ?? Just ignore it, Simple. Also hide button exist.
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I spore'd.
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Still can't stop thinking about boy Amanda.

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Who /nyaapantsu/ here?
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Me, because of the night mode.
>falling for cartel memes
most of us aren't

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The wait's over.
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I-is it?
Hell yeah.

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>she sees your birthday gift
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How was ep 6?
So, does she put out, or what? He must have a reason to stay with her.
If his motives are pure, i.e. he fell in love, he is probably wondering how that could have ever happened.
Good like rest.

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best girl.png
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How can Sylphy and Roxy even compete?
Too bad the author had to use retarded MISUNDERSTANDINGS to separate Eris and Rudy afterwards just so muh Fitts-senpai could get "his" turn.
Why is Mushoku Tensei the best isekai even after all these years, /a/?
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Also, rest in peace old man, you and the rest of the Greyrats were an aborted plot arc if I ever saw one.
>generic violent tsundere
Erisfags, everyone.
Well, he marries all 3, so does it really matter?

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I want to protect this smile.
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Can't wait for Freezacucks to get btfo when Cell taps Goku on the shoulder and steals the spotlight in hell.
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Broly GOD.jpg
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Kale God when?
Too hard to animate, keep dreaming

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