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One Page Thread
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>One Page Thread
>posts a double page.
really makes me think

Best girls, joining the magical fun.
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Too bad they look like shit.
Well, except for Arisa's body.
I'd still hit that.
new signum looks dumb
But best girl was already in on the magical fun.

>Dead Series
Yeah. Worst part is some people intend to keep it that way for whatever reason.

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Read the guide (if it works) before asking any questions:

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The guide is down again, isn't it?
Don't start a new thread until the other dies, fucktard.
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It is

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>tag:stuck in wall
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>reading right to left
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This was one of the earliest doujin faps I have memories of. Even now I'll open it up every now and then and give it a good nostalgia tug.
>tag: door stuck

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Witches With Suit.jpg
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Wheres her Dad ? Dont tell me her dad is from frozen sperm

PV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jUCJ_yzjK8
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Why are people thinking this won't be 3 episodes? I'm not saying it will be 3 episodes, but there is more than enough content for 3 episodes:

>healing Diana from dead mom drama
>revealing Diana was a Chariot fan and the reason Diana grew out of Chariot
>Nine Old Witches lore
>Cavendish family politics drama which we currently know nothing about
>awakening the 5th Word by having Akko and Diana learn from each other
>Akko and Diana's relationship finally developing
>how are Andrew and the Count involved in this mess
>actually developing the AkkoDiana = ChariotCroix parallels

We will know for sure how many episodes they're using on Sunday, but it feels likely that they will be 3. They can even add more ChariotCroix flashbacks when Akko and Diana are becoming friends.
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>umm, so o how about you guys come over to my room and fuck me all night? Croix will be out for the night!
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>Im not even your room mate you retard

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What did Mikoto mean by this?
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Mikoto is into big tits.
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Why are they so cute together?
Was it ever confirmed if her usual form is her actual form, and it's not just some fat guy puppeting her around?

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Fuck Carla
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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First here for BRA
no. fuck off

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Who's your favourite loli from anime and manga?
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My waifu.
I wish we could discuss any of these anime without sexualizing the main character. But that's just me.
Lolis are too sexy to allow that.

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On a scale of 1 to Brook, how sad is Big Mom's flashback going to be?
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Not very sad. I'm sure she killed Mother Caramel herself in one of her tantrum.
Around 2/Ace's death

Midriff thread.

Contribute. Or don't. Whichever.
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She's got the best midriff in history

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What would Karoly God look like?

Please don't feed the troll trying to argue over the anime/manga. If you see obvious bait, ignore it.
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On Future Earth for a year and failed to do something that Super Buu did in a couple seconds
Only after fusing with Future Zamasu and the Universe(Asspull) at the of arc does he finally kill all the humans

Can't even kill Future Mai and the resistance since they survived several encounters with him

Super Saiyan Rose Black can't even kill SSJ2 Future Trunks with a full power Kamehameha
Super Saiyan Rose Black can't even kill SSJ2 Future Trunks with a point blank Ki blast to the back

Motivation: Butthurt he lost a sparring match aganist Goku

Only plans to do the Zero Humans Plan in Future Trunks' timeline

Escaped from several times
Flashblack where Future Mai saved Future Trunks from Black using a flash grenade
Trunks escaped from him at the start of the arc
Goku, Vegeta and Trunks escaped him thanks to regular humans using tear gas
Trunks holds off Black and Zamasu so Goku and Vegeta can escape
Offscreen Trunks manages to get away from Black and Zamasu again

So basically he's incompetent and only has his asspull "Zenkai" going for him, which works nothing like Zenkai did in the orignal manga

Gets knocked on his ass by a bullet

Hides behind his clones like a bitch because he's scared of taking another beating from Vegeta
When has this advice EVER worked?
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traced ouchie.jpg
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Defend this.

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How long until the alien processes Shindo completely into the perfect pet?
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I've got a bad feeling about this guys
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Abstract kind of homo end confirmed.
Shindo leaves humanity with ayylien.
Tsukai is the avatar of humanity.
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Nah, if you look at the promo materials, zaShunina is portrayed as a positive character. Some of his actions may end up being questionable due to his alien morality, but he's definitely not malicious.

The Dragon is defective now
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>it's an each episode is better than the previous episode episode
How are they doing it?
One of Azazel's hands is basically a claw how the he'll is he not hurting her?
Based Charioce-sama.
I'm 100% sure he'll get his redemption episode.

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I'd bully Satoko with my penis.
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I want to get bullied by a cute girl

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Remember to relax and take it easy.
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Requesting please!

Thank you very much.
Requesting Tharja asking for support for the current gauntlet.

Or wondering where all my orbs/money went.

Anything cute/with SI is fine too.
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Requesting Chelsea, please!

I'd like to see her sitting in a cute pose like any of these: http://imgur.com/a/bEZN9 or anything similar.

Or unbuttoned/unzipped shorts:

Or wearing the school uniform from GJ-bu (no headphones, please):

Or wearing gym clothes.

Anything else cute is also fine!

Please and thanks!

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