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Make it as shit as possible
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A battle shonen about a 30 year old plumber and his daily struggles in complete strangers' bathrooms thwarting the evil Doctor Poo from clogging all the toilets in the world. Also he has a harem
So you take your typical isekai, right.
But the MC is actually an orc loli who specialises in engineering.
She revolutionises orc society and brings about DAKKA as god intended.
But the MC is ACTUALLY a reincartion of generic Japanese schoolboy

So the plot is primarily a poorly-thought out conquest/strategy series using a thin understanding of real-world tactics, misguided gun fetishism that would make /k/ scream with rage, whilst also being a double-reverse harem where the MC is too dense to notice the male orc horde and captured slave elf girls who have the hots for him/her

Animated by JC or Deen, budget gets cut halfway through, three tone-shifts (light-hearted to grimdark to light-hearted again, despite major characters dying horribly), VAs get changed part of the way through due to scandals, anime-original ending written at the last minute but still somehow gets greenlit for five more seasons.

How'd I do?

Following the suggestion of their Serbian transfer student, a group of teenagers decide to form Japan's very first Turbofolk band.

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>refreshes nyaa every 5 min
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What is this thing? The only thing I can read is black thunder

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Ep9 Preivews:
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Favaro flashback
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wtf are they doing to Jeanne?! look at that neck
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and this is Cerberus domain. same as the poster with cerberus and nina

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How many shows has the average /a/ user watched? Is 200 minimum still the cutoff before pretending you know what you're talking about?
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I'm at 342 completed anime in total, but only 170 TV anime.
Currently /a/ is probably below 200.
I've watched cowboy Bebop 600 times, and nothing else.

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Question of the day, why loli is more popular than shota? we even had more manga about lolis than shota
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Shota yankee
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is this good?
where would one read this?

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Is the OVA ever going to get proper subs? The existing ones are Google Translate tier.

Reminder that Kou is super cute.
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Tangentially related, but why isn't the OVA listed on Anidb? First time I've ever seen them not have a released anime on the site.
No idea. Just checked there and it is listed on MAL.
Daily reminder that Kou dumps Rin

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What did /a/ think of the first chapter of Kotori's spin off manga?
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Hol up. Is she cake status yet?
Kotori is a JK slut.
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She got younger.

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Monster Girls Thread?
Monster Girls Thread.
Doppel best girl
Anyone got translation for this character sheet btw?
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Check the archive if you haven't already.
There is at least a better res version of card 14 if you can find the right upload on pantsu.

I want honey flavored kisses from Kiira.
>starting the thread with /r/ shit


Gohan going super saiyan 2 against cell is the greatest moment in anime history.

>that build up
>android 16 pep talk
>he finally explodes
>perfect hairstyle
>lightning shooting everywhere

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I wonder how tingly he was feeling.
All he had to do was flex his back until it felt tingly, no big deal at all.

Nothing tops Goku going SSJ for the first time.
Vegeta dead
Piccolo dead.
Krillin helplessly exploded right in his face.
It's the first time Goku was legit serious.

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Top kek
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I appreciate the old woman calling him out on his nonsense.
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This is getting too meta

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This is the ideal male and female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks EXACTLY like.
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I want to exactly look literally like Koito
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Literally everyone does.
She can do some incredible leaps but that bod's not going to stay like that if she keeps loading things with sugar.

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ueno koe no katachi.jpg
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Why is Ueno the best girl?
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She's not stupid
She's not weak
She's not deaf

If you're enjoying this, anime has rotted your brain beyond repair
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Haven't watched it, but I sure am enjoying the porn.
i welcome it
Nope I'm just a lolicon and middle school girls are close enough.

Too pure
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What does hugging Gabu feel like?
Why did they make the OVA so sad?
Who's the best fallen dropout and why is it Gabu?

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