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Can someone explain me why Rei is considered moe? I don't get it.
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mentally ill otaku like dolls
Is there another kind of otaku??????
It's common to mistake quietness for intelligence, or to mistake a lack of personality for a reserved one.

People who like Rei have made the fundamental error of assuming that there's something meaningful underneath her cold and impersonal exterior.

Unfortunately for them, there's nothing underneath the exterior. That's why her name is Rei (zero). She's just an empty shell made out of spare Lilith material, and will never be anything more than that. Rei figurines have more personality and character than the actual girl.

Marathoning this.
Holy Shit!
What a ride.
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Stop after third stage, it gets real bad
I liked fourth stage.
To be fair that one does have that one really good race against he pro racer but other than that I didnt really like it.

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the unsung hero.jpg
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As a child i thought Mitsy was a no-fun-allowed tyrant.
But now i realize that Shin was a monster, and her husband a man-child.
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I grew up on dubs.
End yourself.

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I want to protect her smile
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Me in the back with the hoodie
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I want to bully Nishimiya to impress Ueno.

Season 2 soon.
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Do you want to put poor kyoani out of business?

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>mfw I've been posting saying Ueno is best girl since the manga came out
>Used to get outnumbered by Shoukofags
>Now the anime comes out and Ueno is in fact best girl
What changed?
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Who was worse, Ueno or Hitler?
Ueno didn't kill 6 million Jews. Which puts her in last place.
>Ueno didn't kill 6 million Jews
Neither did Hitler.

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Left or right?
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right and not even for fetishes

right was a more supportive character and friend, etc

wud gf
Rin is my WAIFU
The one that's not a whore

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Grimmer had hard life
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Post the best anime butt you ever seen
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The only ass I care about in anime.
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>Some artist draws 2 circles together better than some other artist
>/a/ will defend this

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Shinka knows you've been fapping to her, anon. Cum clean.
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Does she know it's the bestiality doujins I've been fapping to?
Nah, I've been fapping to Rikka and she feels rejected.
Never fapped and will never fap to this bitch.

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Hard mode: it should be your own manga or LN
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Golden Roots

Kohaku Sasaki begins his normal life in highschool, however he was actually one of the survivors during a mysterious incident that occurred once in his childhood, forcing him to flee to the human world with his past memories intentionally contained deep inside and refusing to reveal to others for the sake of protecting his real identity, carrying a burden that he swears not to forgive about. One afternoon while visiting a museum for leisure, monsters from one of the 12 parallel worlds dubbed “The 12 Spectrums” gets teleported there and embarks on a killing spree. Enraged by it, Kohaku is however saved by a mysterious girl named Soha, however he feel something familiar going on her. As the two meet each other in a fateful encounter, Kohaku gets surrounded by a series of various conflicts where not only the battle between good and evil prevails, but it appears everyone from various sides were currently after a gold-colored relic, the “Golden Root”, that allows the user to invoke its wishes of saving the world.
A crossover between evangelion and gabriel dropout
Currently writing this:


I will update it with more pics, especially mechanical designs, later.

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Name me one (1) anime character that can beat her.
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Mei :3
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This girl

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Sorry for delaying this for so long. It took a while to shake the weird feeling I had after reading the chapter
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[Left] Nitta Hina. First year at Teihen High School. A record of her growth.
[Left near title] The life of Yakuza X Psychic girl living together.
66: A magnificent day for Nitta Hina
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Messed narrator perspective up

Hina's day

"Hey Hina"
"It's morning"

Nitta-san wakes her up in the morning

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Brushing teeth is one of the successes of Nitta-san's lessons.

"Hina, breakfast"
After she gets Nitta-san changed with her psychic abilities,
She gets caught by the force.


"Good good"
She says this every time

All things aside, he feels no bad intent.

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Kyouko's heart opens to whose voice?
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>American megucas when?
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Of course mine!

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Why can't Sawano compose OSTs this good?




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>first track
>second track
Just makes me want to find a higher resolution of that image to furiously masturbate to. Shit is jrpg tier
>third track
oh man, a children's choir.
I feel like this is the same as the first track. And I still haven't found that picture. Do you know anything about composing at all? Genuine question. Or was this just some epic bait? At least post linked horizon or some shit
>Do you know anything about composing at all?
>after offering such glowing enlightenment like "Generic" and "oh man, a children's choir. "
I love how non-self aware idiots like you are.
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I know you're OP so why not just answer?

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