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Please help me, I fell for a christmas cake!
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an ugly one
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How nice.
To be fair, she has a cute dub voice

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I really dont understand whats going on. Is it worth it to continue on?
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It's not complicated.
Have you seen Utena and Penguindrum?
If not, drop this shit and watch them first.

Yuri Kuma is Ikuhara's weakest.
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>Yuri Kuma is Ikuhara's weakest.
Maybe, but it's still AOTY 2015.

Very much so.

do you expect it to be good ?
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No, since is animated by Creators in Pack, probably is a 3-5 minutes per episode
The manga itself is shit, so no.
No, I just want it to be hot.

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So is there nothing good on this season? I don't want a rec thread, so don't say "but x is good" or any other crap. Just answer me, why is the catalog still filled with GabDrop, Konosuba, and Oreimo threads? LWA gets a pass because I think it's still airing.
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>Why are there threads for anything that isn't airing?
Anime is dead.
I'm really enjoying Sakura Quest it's quite comfy imo

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What was her problem?
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low accuracy
She's a pervert

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Is this the closest thing we got to Baccano in 10 years? It was good, but it lacked the charm.
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I think that would be Durararararara though.
We need more gangster animu
Just watch more Tarantino, Scorsese and Ritchie movies

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why didn't she just teleport them into a dimension with no oxygen, or in the middle of a sun
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That would only have made them stronger.

Also, who said that Naruto characters breathe?
l still can't believe this fucking idiot introduced the final boss of the series 50 chapters before the end

what a shitshow
This. Naruto and Hinata ran around on the surface of the moon for extended periods of time. Ninjas don't need to breathe.

Why do people like Yorknew city arc? This shit was one giant cocktease. All this hyping up for a huge battle and nothing ever came.
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The cockteasing was good.

It's not like we were denied some grand climax for total bullshit reasons either.
That's Hunter x Hiatus in a nutshell
>This shit was one giant cocktease. All this hyping up for a huge battle and nothing ever came

t. shounentard who probably hails Dragon Ball as a masterpiece

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ITT canonically ugly characters
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yeah, don't understand autists obsession over her. Elemental self insert girlfriend perfect for them I guess

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Why can't we have more anime series like Cowboy Bebop? It has drama and action with grown-up characters (except ed), and the directing is amazing, specially in the last two episodes.

Was it a flop in japan?
I think the only ones who like sci-fi dramas with shootouts are us westerners (europe and americas).
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There are plenty of series like that. But those aren't exactly the series that are incredibly popular. Usually they fly under the radar of casuals and come back years after their debut as an underrated gem. Or get little to no reception during their initial air date but find a new audience in a new demographic or even country.
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Watch more anime.
And no, it wasn't a flop.

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Did I miss something here?
I thought this was supposed to be one of those all-time masterpieces, but it was just really boring.
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It had a nice OST.
Watch it again once you're older. A lot of books are also like that.
No, its just another one of Miyazaki's movies detailing how japanese life sucks ass.

Why is Japan so good at creating female leads that don't feel forced?
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Define to me "forced female lead" without sounding like a bitter /r9k/pol/fag
You sound like a proper faggot desu
When you have a female lead for the purpose of seeming progressive

I've made some fanfics and scenarios based of my own AU! universe of Hetalia can I talk about it on here?
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I think tumblr would be a better place for that

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Don't really care.

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>When your little sister is so cute, that you forget the years of pain spent burning alive, and the urge to kill her...
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This manga is everything Evangelion wishes it was.
Are they still immortal? WTF even happened?
Please don't make yourself appear dumber than you really are.

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