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So this guy betrayed his own leader for pussy?
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Hell yah, and what amazing pussy at that. Shit I betray Zero so hard he'd divide himself!
Imagine if season 3 doesn't start with Ougi's agonizing death
Why does he have a Star of David on his jacket?

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>Satoshi is returning to his hometown that appeared in the movie?!
>Satoshi is reuniting with his friends in his hometown?! Is his journey in Alola already over?!

>It can't be?!
>Is his journey towards becoming a Pokémon Master over?!
>Of course it isn't! He's come to the Kanto region as part of an extracurricular class at the Pokémon School!

>His friends and Pokémon from the Kanto region appear!!
>He'll meet the friends and Pokémon he competed against in the past, too!
>(blurb: They're both Nassy, but they look THIS extremely different)

>Satoshi's friend, whosee goal it is to become a Pokémon Doctor.

>A girl whose specialty is Water Pokémon!

>Currently on an adventure with a dream of befriending every single Pokémon!!

>The journey is far from over!
>And next issue, we'll present new developments!!

>This story will air September 14th and 21st!
>(broadcast date and time varies depending on area)

How does this make you feel?
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cool bait
>literally go back in time to the first season era, Gen 2 Gold/Silver hasn't even happened
take it to /vp/

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How does it feel that you will never be successful as this man?
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Still couldn't beat the pharaoh.
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And he's still a billionaire who owns the most powerful and technologically advanced corporation in the world, while you're here browsing 4chan.
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How do you know I'm not browsing 4chan from my high-rise in NYC?

Chronological v. Broadcast order, which do you prefer?
I watched it in chronological and there was nothing wrong. I don't really see any benefit that could come from watching it in the broadcast order but I guess next time I rewatch it I'll try that to see what all the hubbub is about
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Broadcast is more satisfying. I love Haruhi forever!
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Broadcast makes sense when you're only watching season 1, now that there's a "season 2" and a movie chrono makes more sense. Just make sure you watch the so called "s2" episodes in between the original episodes and not afterwards.
I'm guessing by satisfying you're talking about the ending, which yeah episode 28 was kind of dull but isn't the movie supposed to be more of an end to it than that episode?

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Someone post Yanda.
Thanks you.

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akira's a savage
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You know, I just recently realized how sexist this scene was. Back when I was a kid, I just saw it as the usual beatdown between two fighters just like many we had before with Gohan vs Recoome or Vegeta vs Frieza.

But the community kept going on about the implications and I see their point. Videl became a lot more submissive after just this one fight. Previously, I thought she just had the usual Roshi or Yamcha syndrome where human characters fade into the background, though as they pointed out, it seems to have some connection to the fight with Spopovich.

Funny when you learn how dumb a lot of shows you watch from childhood really is.
You don't think it makes sense that you'd be less keen to fight and more withdrawn after being beaten to within an inch of your life by a sadistic, hulking psychopath? Where's the sexism there?
>You know, I just recently realized how sexist this scene was
hey look a feminist attentionwhore

so you saying women should not fight equaly in a tournament,
"sexist" she says .... pathetic

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What's in that text, anons?
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Thanks for reminding me to do it for her.
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This is the smile of a predator.
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Hate being reminded of this. I just want to wait a few years for it to be over, so I can go read the rest of it to the end.

Something tells me it'll have a bittersweet ending, where they confess and have to be brainwashed, but end up getting work with one another with a teased hint of future romance or some shit.

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Meruem is okay. I'm not a big enough HxH fan to even remember what "post nuke meruem" even is but I watched the more recent anime. He was like a powerful guy who felt like a DBZ ripoff and played Go? I liked his pseudo romance/friendship with the human girl?

Saber is okay but also kinda the least interesting of the Fate girls. But I think she would be more interesting in the hands of a less retarded and/or misogynistical author. She has that kinda tortured leader kinda vibe. Played most of the VN and watched the Zero anime btw.

Overall I think Meruem is more powerful (at least if Shirou is acting as Saber's master), but Saber is a better character. Neither are great though.
Can post nuke meruem tank excaliblast?
HxH characters don't really feel as superhuman to me as servants

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Why is this anime so highly praised?
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It isn't though

Only people who like it are teenagers and braindead KEYfaggots
Shut up, faggot, It's still better than you're favorite anime
Because you surround yourself with shitty people.

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Okay, now it looks better.
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Make a contract with me and become a magical girl /a/!

What is your wish?
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I want a futa penis.
I wish for a mountain of handkerchiefs.
For Homura to be physically legal

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Hot damn.
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Carol Status: Broken
still no crying face
That's p good fumita
But can you clinch it?

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Yet people only scream "ass pull ending", even though you had it explained to you in advance.
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Just because the put in one minute of exposition in the second half of the second series didn't mean it's not still a gigantic asspull
Except there was foreshadowing and references throughout the entire show.
wow Nagisa is fucking fat

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>katanah is stronger than a handgun

how can gaijin wins against nippon?
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make gunblade with katana as the blade
Make a handgun that shoots katanas.

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At what point did eyeshield 21 went wrong?
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delta force
It's 'go wrong', not 'went wrong', ESL-kun.

So after the christmas bwol?

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