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Why does he hate Berserk so much /a/?
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Because someone somewhere likes it
is he a contrarian?
Just like Warren Ellis with Planetary, Miura is completely bored with Berserk.

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Please prepare your sacks and schoolbags
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Stop remaking this thread.
I refuse
She sure is doing a lot of ballsack inspections lately.

Why is she so cute?
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Because pink is cute! And the series had a DILF hero.
Actual female voice and mannerisms make the robot a girl.
The dick makes it better

is Galden in the Ryu Knight OVAs? Do the OVAs recycle stuff from the anime (seems like an alternative version as opposed to a sequel) or are they completely new?
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The first OVA with 13 episodes is an alternate take on the story with new characters aside from the 4 leads.
The later ones are kind of a sequel to both the OVA and the TV-series.
Fuck, so Galden isn't in the other OVAs either? I need muh edgy characters

Also, do the OVAs recycle any animation?
There's plenty of edge in Adeu Legend without him.
It's been a while since I saw them but I think they had their own summoning animation.

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Why are they friends?
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They're the "losers" of the school.

Takes one to know one. *punches your sunken shoulder*
>literally Harry, Ron and Hermione

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Heaven's Feel > Fate/Zero > Fate = Unlimited Blade Works

Can we all agree on this?
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UBW is the best route, also zero is bad
t. worms
Fate/Zero is a masterpiece though.

I saged you as to not to bump and denied a (you) as to not to acknowledge.

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Harem rate thread.
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Anyone got the template?
more than one waifu will ruin your laifu silly op
>having more than one waifu

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Take that you fags, they're finally going on a date- and it won't be filled any misunderstanding bullshit, she literally texted him it was a date.
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I really want to believe that.
The fact that it's taken this long for a date is ridiculous. Fuck this manga.
The author will make it shit somehow.

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Anno is growing stronger
how did deen survive when gainax didn't
One-hit wonder leftovers

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Griffith did some things wrong. He also did some things right.
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You could say that.
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I agree with this statement.

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supah saiyajin goddo.webm
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So, this at-will Super Saiyan God usage. I know that they already did this since the beginning in the manga, but why did they decide to SUDDENLY reveal it in the anime as if it were a foregone conclusion? 80 episodes of silence on this, for a sudden reveal? It causes more problems than it solves. Is this particular episode the point where Toyo took the writing lead, or what?
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It's because you've forgotten everything that's happened in earlier episodes.
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god to blue to god.webm
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Please do detail to me where they said that Super Saiyan God was available to use at will, outside of the manga.
They barely remember anything at this point, don't expect much.

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What's the point?

Who the hell thought this was a good idea?
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what am i looking at?
Kenshin fighting big bad in a remake of Kyoto arc. He's bandages were keeping him together but ripped when fighting Kenshin.
Crazy enough he simply pushes them back together, it was pretty retarded but kinda gory cool in a way.

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Call her a plain jane or whatever but my wife vinegarette is actually very inteligent and kind
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You'll forget her in the next year.
Get off the internet, Tapris.
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She's got nothing on the Satanichia.

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>Best animation, backgrounds, and character designs
>Best girl of the season
>All for a run-of-the-mill food show that'll probably be forgotten three months from now

Is Silver Link officially based?
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>run-of-the-mill food show
>best animation
in what world? The animation for this show is mediocre 95% of the time
someone post the webm.

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Rei and Kaworu say they are "love and hope" for humanity.
What what does it really mean?
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Is this the dub? In the sub, they answered Shinji's questions: "who are you in my heart?" They answered: "I'm the hope someday we can understand each other" (Rei) "I'm the words 'I love you' " (Kaworu). They embody Shinji's hope to understand and love. Without counting his mother, Rei was the first person he tried to understand and the first one who conveyed it despite their misunderstanding (the smiling scene) and Kaworu who loved him and loved him back.
This is why he can continue to live in the world.
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>The only persons Shinji can understand and love are eldritch monsters
Shinji is a nice boy.
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Because humanity hoped to do cool things with them.

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